Friday, November 22, 2013

The girl's got the system down #funforFriday

Twyns, you are not even 5 yet. And I'm already dealing with "school is boring", atheism, not believing in things you don't see, and manipulating the system. All in the span of a five minute drive to school. What are the teenage years going to be like?!

On the drive to school this morning you got to talking about what you wanted for Christmas with Daddy.

The girl: I want a pink batgirl motorcycle with pink batgirl.
Daddy: Well I think it's only black, like your brother's.
The girl: Ok black.
Daddy: What else do you want from Santa?
The girl: Well I asked for a fairy house, but maybe I should ask for a human house.
Daddy: Why?
The girl: Well I'm not sure fairies are real.
Daddy: Why?
The girl: Well I've never seen them.
Daddy: Well there are a lot of things you haven't seen that are real. You haven't seen Santa Claus have you?
The girl: Yes I have he's at the mall.
Daddy: Ok well what about Jesus? Have you seen Jesus?
The girl: No.
Daddy: Well do you believe in Jesus?
The girl: Yes.
Daddy: What about God have you seen God?
The girl: Well I've seen a statue of Him.
Daddy: Well you believe in God, right?
The girl: Yes.
Daddy: See, you believe in a lot of things you haven't seen so I think fairies are probably real. What about you, little guy? Do you believe in Jesus?
The boy: No.
Daddy: You don't believe in Jesus??
The boy: No.
Daddy: Well what about God, you believe in God?
The boy: No.
You, girl, leaned into the boy and said: You're supposed to say yes to those!! I think he was just kidding. Weren't you just kidding, boy?
The boy: Yeah.
The girl: Was that a yes? I COULDN'T HEAR. WAS THAT A YES, BOY??

OH MY! I don't know which is scarier - his responses, her manipulation, or the whole subject matter!!

Do you try out recipes before game day?? 
I'm going to attempt a sweet potato soup this year... 
pinned it here.

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  1. I'm over here rolling with laughter. "I COULDN'T HEAR. WAS THAT A YES, BOY??" is AWESOME.


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