Sunday, November 24, 2013

sUn-edited: Better Together

As part of some cruel joke I couldn't sleep as of 5 am. So I gave up around 5:45 and came downstairs to watch a movie or something. I remembered I had the televised version of Ironman on my DVR from last weekend so I settled in for some good old fashioned triathlon-inspired heartbreak.

My son woke up around 7; my daughter around 7:15 and they finished watching it with me. Then, while I wiped away my tears and gave up trying to explain the awesomeness we had just witnessed, we promptly switched to watching the Wild Kratts.

The whole scene just got me thinking about the Kratt brothers and the family members I saw helping each other through the race. I also really enjoyed Hines Ward's journey [especially entertaining watching him fall while trying to clip in and out of his bike] and noticed how close he became with his trainer. I thought about my half-iron journey, and how alone I was. I designed my own training plan, I signed up for all the races leading up to it alone and mostly raced them alone; I set out on practice rides at the wrong time of day and put in my swim miles at the oddest times possible. I knew, at least this summer, with my four-year-olds at home most of the time, I would never be able to conform to a tri club's schedule. And I didn't want to overwhelm my husband with a trainer, even an online coach, after the expense of my triathlon habit had reached its pinnacle. [I have yet to remind him how much I could use a wetsuit for Christmas...he'd start calculating possible 2014 race registrations into his schematics.] And then, in those last two miles of the 70.9, I looked at the wide expanse of field in front of me and could not have felt more isolated from the rest of the world.

I did not like that feeling.

I think an independent spirit courses through my veins and most of my family's genetics.

It is very difficult for me to ask for help.

It is near impossible to do something for my mom. She is the worst patient ever.

And our family has its drama. That rebellious and stubborn Scotch-Irish-Choctaw-Sicilian heritage fights itself, sometimes within each person! Come to think of it, the Polish side of my family seems rather mellow comparatively.

But, at the moment, there is little togetherness. And even with my husband and I, we have always prided ourselves on a marriage of independence and mutual respect of each other's different desires and pursuits.

Watching the Ironman and the Kratt brothers...this silly combination makes me want to encourage my twyns to go forth into the world with a sense of that togetherness. I would think, if they grew up and decided to start a business together or something, that that would be an amazing show of our efforts as parents to get them to interact in the most constructive way possible. I'm always dumbfounded at siblings or twins who go to the same college. I think, "didn't you want to use this opportunity to get a little space? Aren't you your own person??"

But now I'm thinking, it could not be more positive.

I want my kids to see my husband and I barreling through life, tackling projects and achieving goals we have set for ourselves, but I want them to see that ultimately, we could not do anything without each other. That we are better together. That they, with or without families of their own, will always have a partner in crime, in business, in life.

And that is a very. good. thing.

Happy Sunday!
Is it a day of un-edited reflection for you as well? 
What are you thinking about?
Did you watch the Ironman on TV as well as online like this tri-geek? 

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