Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So I didn't get the part...

So if you follow on Facebook, I gave up on "getting the call" Sunday night, since they so graciously emailed us after the callbacks to let us know they would be completing casting by Monday. Seriously- that level of information, although not much by most workplace standards, is much appreciated! I started to give up Friday night and began to look at the many things on my holiday list I could otherwise accomplish with my sanity intact.

I immediately assumed they chose a non-union actress. This is my new go-to excuse for not getting a part. It's very convenient. In my 20's, it used to be: "well I'll never be an ingenue- I'm a character type." "My voice doesn't match my age." "I'm not a chorus girl."

Now it's: "guess they went non-union."

But if I'm being really honest with myself, I don't exactly look the type. I mean, I know I can play a 35-year-old mom (I am one) from trailer-trash London, (I'm made from parts trailer-trash-South), but do I look it? Not really.

And I certainly don't look like the woman who played Sandra on film:

Uh, I'm referring to the one on the left.
So that may be another reason.

Also, of the 7-10 days they had listed for rehearsals before Christmas, I listed two "off" (for my kids' birthday- the "family" day and the "kiddie party" day.) Ten years ago I would have slapped myself across the face for that kind of thinking, but to me now, it makes perfect effin' sense. No effin' way am I letting some show get in the way of my twins' 5th birthday party. This is a BIG one. I remember my 5th. We only have these two little sweethearts; we have only had one other birthday party for them, when they were two. They may never want another one together for the rest of their lives. 

Here's how we spent their first birthday; under so much snow we couldn't go get the cake!

So I'm looking forward to that.

And, in the same weekend of constantly-checking-my-email, I got another audition notice that looked promising. 

And, it's primarily singing.

Contemporary music. 

And, it's for a woman in her late 30's/early 40's who "carries a little weight; has a wide vocal range and doesn't mind talking about her body."

So, that's, hello, ME.

So I've been Google-ing new audition pieces and using this excuse to get in touch with those "dream roles" I was talking about the other day. 

Here's the latest bumper crop of candidates: 

Anything that Stephanie J Block has played, including:
Grace O'Malley in Pirate Queen 

Anything that Karen Ziemba has played, including:
The Wife in Contact
Rita in Steel Pier
Morales in A Chorus Line 

Anything that Bernadette Peters has played, including: 
Dot in Sunday in the Park with George
The Witch in Into the Woods

All of the female parts from the musical Chess
All of the female parts from the musical 9 to 5
The Spiderwoman in Kiss of the Spiderwoman
The narrator in Joseph
The narrator in Pippin (now that a woman has actually played this role on Broadway, perhaps I can rip these songs back out of the back of my audition book.) 

Here's to another season of auditions! December is a little early, but the local theatres will start their season auditions in January (meaning: casting for the entire 2013-14 season in one audition per theatre), so it's time to start the prep & practice work.

And oh yeah, it's a week before Thanksgiving!! 
Are you going to come clean my house for my guests??
I think I don't even know what it's supposed to look like anymore.
Are you hosting??


  1. Bummer about not getting the part, guess that means a really good one is still out there waiting for you! I'm super pumped I am not hosting turkey day- it's one of those times I love just showing up and eating and letting others do most of the work. I know I'm lazy and mean for saying that.

  2. Sorry to hear about the auditions. Hopefully this next one will be it.

    I'm hosting this year - thankfully my cleaning service comes the day before, so all I have to clean is the basement bathroom. Woot!


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