Friday, November 1, 2013

Cue Bob Barker: "A NE-EW CAR" #funforFriday

Youuuu guessed it!

We have purchased. The minivan of my dreams.

Or, as my son puts it, "The Star Wars Car."

Daddy knew just what DVD to pop in for the 'tour.'
What eventually put us over the top is, after the Renn Faire, we saw a Used Car Sales place we hadn't seen before: Car Sense, which is basically a local, PA-based company that competes with the nationwide conglomerate Car Max. We pulled in after a long day at the Faire upon learning, with a quick scan of their online inventory, that they had one of those Buick Enclaves that I had been coveting.  Hubby needed to drive one. He was not impressed! So he decided I needed to drive the Nissan Pathfinder, the SUV he had been coveting. I was not impressed! I decided right then and there it was the time of our lives to get a minivan. We could not have been happier with the process there, and the inventory. 

 Daddy is leaping for joy at getting a virtually new 2013 car for a used price at Car Sense!
Mama's excited to put the 70.3 magnet on that bad boy.
Nan is excited she has a dedicated seat all for her.
And that we quickly sold her old car before she had to go home (she got one of ours.)
The kids want to live, sleep, "eat dinner", and of course, watch movies in it. These are all actual requests.
This is how you wrestle for the back seat.
This is how you 'stow and go'
And even though we are living a little LARGE for our garage...
We are all, basically, in minivan heaven.
Or Movie-lovers heaven. Not sure which.
Oh yeah, and it was Halloween this week! We ran the gamut of costumes...
First up: Rapunzel and Ironman
Second event: Ariel "princess edition" and...
Ironman 2
Finally: pink princess (a costume from 2 years ago) and Spidey/Ironman/Darth hybrid hero-villain
The Darth is in the shoes....'which are super fast! watch me run to that house mommy!"
Telling the story of their outfits to the neighbors. I heart this picture. 

Happy Halloween! 
Happy Friday! 
Happy Let's-Forget-Thanksgiving-is-there-and-go-straight-to-Christmas-at-the-stores-shopping!!

Did you forget Thanksgiving was next too?


  1. Congratulations and excellent costumes!!

  2. This is great!! When do you find the time for all that you do?! You inspire me! Thanks for the info, it really helps!
    Melissa Downs


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