Friday, October 4, 2013

To what is JT referring to as a 'fattie' & other questions. #funforFriday

First let me say, I'm not one of those bloggers who will just blog just to blog when they have nothing to blog about but want to keep up with some kind of blog pattern and blog blog blah blah blah.

So I'm sorry I left you hangin' this week, but I did post some fun stuff on the Facebook page this week, so come and join the fun!

And I don't think I've missed a "fun for Friday" yet! So even if I don't have something fun to share, I will always share something fun with you.

Have I made enough sense yet? Thank you.

Now that JT's new album (part 2 of 2) is out, I can discuss with you a question that has been bugging me with the song "Suit & Tie":
Stop let me get a good look at it
Ooh so thick now I know why they call it a fattie
Shit so sick got a hit and picked up a habit 
That's all right
You're all mine
I'm just saying, he seems to be talking about his lady, who's "all mine", but maybe he's talking about a joint that's "all mine." Joints that are sometimes referred to as a fattie. And he got a "hit" of it, but why would he be so literal? I know I'm totally out of this culture, so what the f?

If he IS talking about his lady-friend, then I'm going to assume he likes us phat, [did you know there is a porn category for fat-ass-white-girls called PAWG], [and I'm NOT going to tell you how I know that], then I'm just going to assume that if that stupid ho Jennifer Biel [I know it's Jessica, just rufflin' feathers], hadn't snatched him up with her witch claws I would have had a chance.

Just sayin'.

Cuz of the 'thick' part.

And the 'fattie' mention.

And then he says he now has a 'habit' with it.

That's HAWT.

And now you've Google-d PAWG.

Good for you.


And if you need more fun stuff to read, I suggest you read Tenor Dad's most recent post about his drive home from an audition. Because I basically wish I had wrote it; it is basically me. Except swap out twizzlers for sour patch kids, and end with me burning the roof of my mouth as well. Enjoy it here!

Anything fun you've read or thought lately?

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  1. I apologize for stealing all of your thoughts with my brain scanner and then posting them online. :)


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