Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New goals

Oh man...I've been WAITING for this! 

Some little hint of some kind of motivation SOMEWHERE within this body and/or brain of mine.

You know how you start literally curling down within yourself, and your neck and head start to hang and head towards your stomach and your lower back starts to strain and you start to fold yourself in half so much so that you start to get that osteoporosis stance, forbidding anything and everything to get in between your heart and stomach, least of all the light of the world and any opportunity for anything to open you up?

I was just driving around yesterday when I realized how much tension I was holding in my body for no good reason. I just kind of 'checked myself', pulled my shoulders back, and took a big, deep, breath.

Suddenly, I was no longer coughing this dreaded cough that has infested my family. While opening up my air passageways, I also managed to get some air to my brain and start to see a pathway towards what I needed to get done on my plate.

Either all of that, or I just finally learned how my coffee bean grinder works and got the real stuff going again.

[long story.]

[ok I'll tell you: the blessed coffee company this guy has hooked me onto kept sending beans instead of grinds by mistake, so I finally just emailed them to get their act together so they sent me a free 'demo' grinder from their store and it has taken me three months to figure out how it works, since I didn't get an instruction manual with it. Yesterday was the first day I had coffee-colored coffee again. But thanks for the learning opportunity, SpecialtyJava.com!]

Anyways, I'm taking this moment to steal an idea from my friendly blogger here and getting my act together.

New goals this week! 

  1. Finish all sewing orders [that's 1 t-shirt quilt, 3 panties orders, 1 fish extender, 2 friends' custom requests] thinking Tuesday & Wednesday
  2. Work out ONCE. At the very least. It has been since my half-ironman, and I just want to run on the treadmill just one mile just ONE, PLEASE? Lord you frustrate me, woman!! Thinking Thursday morning
  3. Organize/purge master closet [this may be ambitious, but I have actually gone around the house purging and cleaning and this is the last vestige of serious mess Thinking Friday morning
  4. Get Flu shot. Last year I missed it and was sick for A MONTH Jan/Feb. It was awful. I got an actual ear infection. In adults, it is incredibly rare and way worse than kids apparently. And I did it to myself by not taking enough antihistamines, because I didn't want to dry out my voice for audition season. So there went audition season, there went my hearing for a month, and I was seriously off-track workout wise and high as a kite at Disney World with all the drugs I needed to make myself function. GET FLU SHOT YOU IDIOT. Thinking Thursday morning
  5. Start to organize holidays: book kids' 5th bday party, look at Thanksgiving menu items, draw up a 'gift list', etc. Thinking in evenings during TV watching
  6. Get a hold of holiday weight gain before it happens. Last year after tri season I lost weight just being out of training mode, but that hasn't seemed to happen this year! Whoops! So I gotta cut out the sweets, at least, to start. Just sugar in my morning coffee, and less wheat, please. Starting now
Alright kids let's get this party started. 

What's your new goal this week? 

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  1. oh how I love sugar. It is my kryptonite. Good luck, you can DO IT!


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