Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New goals redux, cutting out the fat!

So how are those new goals working out for ya, TwynMawrMom?

Last week I tried to get my act together since completely dissolving into a pile of unmotivated mush after my 70.3

Here's how I did:
  • Finish all sewing orders thinking Tuesday & Wednesday.
Got them all done by this Wednesday morning, and got two more orders since...sigh...last Wednesday I ended up 'playing hookey' from my sewing work and visited a friend's baby and had a surprise lunch date with hubby. WORTH IT. I also forgot about my quilting bee, so I'm slowly getting caught up there as well, and feeling inspired for the holidays! So I definitely got my 'sew' going...
  • Work out ONCE. At the very least. It has been since my half-ironman, and I just want to run on the treadmill just one mile just ONE, PLEASE? Lord you frustrate me, woman!! Thinking Thursday morning
Yes...I did stick to this plan. When I visited my friend with newborn, she wanted to go for a walk. So if she wanted to get up and get going two weeks after giving birth to her third child, then yes, I could run for 2 miles on the TM the next morning. And....then I haven't gotten up since. But at least I 'broke the seal.' 
  • Organize/purge master closet [this may be ambitious, but I have actually gone around the house purging and cleaning and this is the last vestige of serious mess Thinking Friday morning
Hahaha that master closet. It has only gotten worse with my other endeavors...I'm not even going to LOOK at it until the Spring, I swear...I'll find a million sweaters I could have worn all Winter but it's worth it not to have to clean that shizz. Santa better buy me some sweaters or something. Or I'll just wear the same one I've been wearing the last two years for at least 2-3 days per week. Everyone seems to be used to that and it's just safer to not differentiate between days. The sewing projects and Christmas projects that are starting to crop are only going to make matters worse. But what am I supposed to do? Stop and clean in the middle of a project and fold fabric up and put it away in neat little color-coded piles? That's insane. So no.
  • Get Flu shot. Last year I missed it and was sick for A MONTH Jan/Feb. It was awful. I got an actual ear infection. In adults, it is incredibly rare and way worse than kids apparently. And I did it to myself by not taking enough antihistamines, because I didn't want to dry out my voice for audition season. So there went audition season, there went my hearing for a month, and I was seriously off-track workout wise and high as a kite at Disney World with all the drugs I needed to make myself function. GET FLU SHOT YOU IDIOT. Thinking Thursday morning
Because I played hookey on Wednesday morning from my sewing, I tried to make up for it on Thursday morning after my as-promised-on-blog-treadmill-run, then ran to get the kids straight off the bus from their first-ever field trip [to the Planetarium! Mommy, did you know Saturn's rings are made of rocks?], drive straight to doc's for their flu mist on Thursday afternoon, and the boy got his stitches out at the same time, which turned into a total cluster eff because they had to call a third doctor down in what was increasingly becoming all the staff's lunch hour, to the room to hold my little guy down from all the fussing, so after that we had to basically run straight home, get some food in us, and head straight to gymnastics and try to focus for an hour to justify the cost of that class, and then try not to drive mommy insane before she got a drink in her while she so lovingly prepared three dinners for the three separate people in the family that she so faithfully serves. 
So no. I did not get a flu shot on Thursday. 

But I did make kids wait with me to get one after pick up on Friday morning from school. So yes. Friday morning.
  • Start to organize holidays: book kids' 5th bday party, look at Thanksgiving menu items, draw up a 'gift list', etc. Thinking in evenings during TV watching 
By this point I was making headway on my list, so I was feeling a little more inspired by my new mini-goals mini-achievement.
So yes! Did book kids 5th, did some Christmas shopping online, did some Thanksgiving menu thinking while TV watching.
  • Get a hold of holiday weight gain before it happens. Last year after tri season I lost weight just being out of training mode, but that hasn't seemed to happen this year! Whoops! So I gotta cut out the sweets, at least, to start. Just sugar in my morning coffee, and less wheat, please. Starting now
Ummm...did you see my last #funforFriday post? As the boss in Office Space would say: "Yeah... I'm gonna need you to work on that."

Ok so that looks like I'm like 50/50.

And here's where I think I'm going, according to some pumped up tirade I got into with the hubby this past weekend:

Fast-ness. [TRI}

Focus. [PERFORM]

True to self. [MOMMY]

I did start to think about next Tri season, and some of the mommies who said they'd like to do one with me. I'm going to focus on being faster for once in my life, not building endurance, as I have been the last 6 years. This will start with trying new a class my friend wants me to try. I haven't done any Cross-Fit, and certainly not any new Fitness classes in awhile other than the Body Pump with my bestie this summer. So I'm going to do less swimming, biking, and running in the coming months and try to focus on core to see where that may lead me. Starting in January

After seeing my first production at the Arden Theatre, I'm re-inspired to prepare for auditions in the Spring (which sometimes start in January) by looking at roles that would be a dream to play. Roles that I would be right for. I'm still in that mindset I was when I first started out, and every synopsis I read I'd think, "Oh, I could kinda play that role...I could kinda be the maid in that one...I could sing that song...." What I really should be focusing on, is what I should play. What role have I seen/do I know that I'm like, "that is MADE for ME!" THOSE are the roles I should study, grab monologues/songs for, and practice over and over so that they are in my back pocket when audition season rolls around. I don't want the casting directors to tell me what I'm right for, I want to tell them what I'm right for. And even if they are not casting that play right now, or anything similar, at least they will know that I know what is right for me, and perhaps I'll make such an impression that they will think of me if a similar position crops up. You'd think I'd have already done this exercise, and actually I have, but in my 20's I had no perspective on my type, and in my early 30's either...and I approach my 40's I'm a little lost again. This is why I like to write my own pieces. But it doesn't mean there aren't some gems out there that I just haven't stumbled upon yet...[actually seeing shows in performance does help!] Overall it does make me happy that I'm writing again...I realize I like being a part of theatre, from all sides. I think that one's legacy in theatre is more substantial when you create it...either by creating a role or writing a role. I do, at the end of the day, prefer new work, and new work prefers me. Can't get around it. I'll never be Sandy, or Maria, or Maria, or ... I digress!

This goes in line with me being truer to myself and understanding what I actually am looking for. I've been running around my house trying to get it organized and realized that it is a full-time job taking care of the kids and household and I'm not good at it IF I don't focus on it. I like my diversions, but this is my job. I've signed up for a couple of kiddie-class-trials in the next few weeks to revamp our search for the perfect dance class for her, and karate class for him. I've talked to the hubby about the plans for the next year and after that...nothing solid yet, just understanding his wants/needs and mine. And if I'm going to have that real conversation with him, I have to have it with myself as well. Starting now

So all of this from a little avoidance of the failed 'cut out the sugar' rule?? Wow. I must really not want to do that. ;)

Cutting out the sugar? Cutting out the fat's more like it! 

So, for next week and a half (as this week is already halfway through and Halloween-filled):
  1. Sewing orders, quilting bee work & begin Christmas projects (like my own personal stocking?) 
  2. 1 workout (figure once every other week ought to stave off the heart attacks)
  3. More Thanksgiving menu items (get Hubby involved)
  4. Find one dream role and print up its monologue and/or song(s) Oh, that reminds me to put together choreography for friend's dance class next Monday, whoops!
Does something have to go in your life? 
What are you focusing on?

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