Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's not how you start...

I know I've been a little quiet on the blog lately. I enjoyed that big push to the half-iron, and now lately I've just been enjoying family life. 

Well there was that little trip to Duke University to work on music for four straight days, which was like a dream...

But other than that, just working on gaining weight.

Well, you know, not necessarily me, although it has been exactly one month since I've been to the gym [woops.] [I did not expect to enjoy not working out so much.]

I'm seriously thinking about putting my gym membership account on hold/freeze. That, plus the cable bill, should help with the new family car payment we're about to encounter. At least, that's the hubby's grand scheme. [Remember September spending fast last year? He always cooks this stuff up at our 'fiscal year end'. Cuz he is a straight up coco-nut.] He seems to think Hulu Plus and Netflix can get us through. I seem to think this will cause me to leave the family for Joshua Jackson circa 2008 from Fringe. 
Come on ladies: Collective swoon....Ahhhhh.....
Funny, always seem to be hunk image searching during quarter-end. Int-er-est-ing...

Well back to that car thing, if you've paid attention to my Facebook posts, it's likely I'm about to be a minivan mommy. I have no trouble with the idea of this whatsoever. I just... just....really want to drive a sports car. Like, a German one. [No offense, Jaguar...]

As sports cars do not typically fit two car seats in it, and certainly can't fit in an extra grandparent or two without some serious flexibility on their parts, or help out with future possible carpools, unless we don't mind getting arrested a few times in the next couple of years, we are going to need a third-row car. So there are those SUV's...and we are looking at those, too.

Because, like I said, the weight is gaining on us....

In this corner, from a whopping 3 lbs 3 oz at birth, I present to you the heavy-weight champion of the household: 

That's a 40 pounder!!
And in this corner, from a measly 2 lbs 10 oz at birth, I present to you the Teeny Meany of Twyn Mawr:
Keeping it real preemie-style at 33 pounds.
God loves a preemie, I tell ya. 

Mama loves 'em too. I'll always be trying to feed those babies.

Once a preemie mama, always a preemie mama.

Eh, I promised myself I wasn't gonna cry! Ugh!

Any significant weight gain on your part post-season? 
Are we looking forward to the holidays?


  1. My Honda Pilot is my precious. Too bad it's so damn big I have trouble parking it LOL.

    I'm the one trying to get us to tighten our belts, (you know, that government shutdown and all), but it's being met with major resistance. ;o)

  2. We lived without cable for a long time and survived just fine. If there were first runs we really wanted to see, we would pay the $1.99 to stream from amazon. Watching everything we wanted to, we never spent more than $4 - $6/week. MUCH less than cable. :)


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