Friday, October 11, 2013

BFFs #funforFriday

One day this week the little girl was feeling a little under the weather so we had a pajama party at home while the little boy ran off the school.

This also afforded the opportunity for him to get picked up from school with his BFF, which turned into a play date rather quickly. 
Happy Boy in the back with his 'bro'
These dudes often get this idea cooked up at school: "He's coming over to our house"; "I'm going to his house"; "we are going to McDonald's"; "we are going to get ice cream"; "we are going to the zoo" ; "we are going to the playground"; "we are going to play video games with steering wheels."

It's all very convenient.

And, like suckers, we mommies usually try to accommodate the plan.

They have a unique friendship, I think, because they are both one half of a boy-girl twin duo, so it's as if they are discovering on a daily basis that they could actually be stuck with a playful boy all day instead of a bossy twin sister. 

But this day, a day which happened to be an extended school day, PLUS a play date with Mr. BFF, well it quickly went from something like this:
A cupcake moment from earlier this summer
To this:
Upon the realization that he is no longer at BFF's house for the remainder of the day
To this: 
Fast asleep
In under an hour. 

He proceeded to sleep from 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM. 

And then he woke up and said he wanted to go back to BFF's house. 

Ah...may these days never end!

Happy Friday!!!
Any plans with your BFF this weekend?! 

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