Friday, September 6, 2013

You know you're a [twin mommy] triathlete when

You have replaced the powdered formula in your gym bag with coconut powder.

You put your husband on hold to log your workout on daily mile.

You drive home from the track still in race mode and try to pass as many cars as possible.

You hear your kids' teacher talk about 'transitioning' and you immediately picture them going from pool to bike.

You don't bother to wash your hair between the pool and spin so as to simulate race day conditions.

Your fave game to play with them is 'chase me' for speedwork.

All your "girlfriend time" seems to include a workout, or race.

Your primary concern on a Saturday night is chafing. The following day.

This kinda makes sense to you:
"Continue straight to repeat the loop and out and back segment for the second and final loop. After the second time of doing the above segment, see below. After two laps of the above segment, turn right."
[Or maybe it doesn't, but you just go with it.]

Let the carb loading and the coconut-water drinking begin!!

48 hours to the longest race I will ever do...


[And yes, they did change the bike course on me.]

If you're a triathlete, should I bother to put on my compression socks after the bike/before the run? This is the latest anxious thought running through my mind...



  1. you got this! and no, don't waste time on the compression socks. the least amount of time you spend in transition the better. just keep moving. you are ready ... trust your training and have fun!

  2. I don't think you need any more pumping up LOL. Have a great race!


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