Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sibelius - Garage Band - Back to Sibelius

Just so you know I'm not just stuffing my face and laughing at everyone who ran a half-marathon this past weekend [not just doing that, but doing that, yes], here's what my days have been filled with.

It has been over 10 years since I've had to write something that could also be read by someone that I wasn't standing beside singing in their ear and rectifying every wrong notation I scribbled onto the page as they sing my songs wrong because, well, I wrote them wrong and let's just say I didn't ace Music Theory. Not 101, not 202, not 701.

And now there's all kinds of tools for the budding young composer out there, and I should really learn them.

"Always trying", right??

Sibelius was intimidating me - so I started with Garage Band. I heard it would produce scores from my playing but after a week of that nonsense, and trying to add an extra track onto the recording so that it would add an extra instrument to the score (duh, even just voice and piano is too much for it to score - it will only score one track at a time) -  I finally went for Sibelius - after 526 fellow musicians told me to over the course of the last 10+ years. It will put my songs onto sheet music, supposedly by me playing them and it interpreting what I write.

I started with their tutorials and "Project 1" and let me tell you, those Brits are some sarcastic f**ks. The first words are: 

"However much you may dislike manuals, you must read the whole of this introduction in order to get started with the program."

Well, I got about 2/3 through the first tutorial and I'm not the best pianist and it took me the first two days to discover that the reason Sibelius was reading my playing incorrectly, was because my keyboard was tuned to an entire key below what I was actually playing.

And...my hubby had to figure that out...and that was embarrassing, considering he cannot read music. And I've only had this keyboard for 15 years. But it has a tuning button...Cuz I'm...a genius...natch...

Also, in the lower registers, it wants to record a second [that's two notes] when I play only one. Someday I will upgrade this keyboard, but today. is not that day.

So anyways the little musician in me was also having fun playing with all the little instruments on Garage Band and making up sounds that I used to have to sample by recording [i.e., street noise] with my mini-Disc player years ago walking around Manhattan.

So now I've established a pattern of working through a song on Garage Band, and then getting comfortable enough with the rhythm and sequence to put it down on "paper" in Sibelius.

I know there's a way to produce a finished-sounding recording on Sibelius as well, but it's not reading my crappy [Wii Rock Band] usb microphone and I just don't have time for that now. I just need rough renditions.

Yes, I'm using the Wii Rock Band USB mic for my recordings. Cuz I'm classy and super prof.

And don't get me started on keeping both programs open at once on this computer...they start talking...it's not pretty!!

So I'm headed out of town to continue working on this project TOMORROW and the inspector is coming to help [mil] so I'm trying to keep the house clean [enough] as I run around like a composer-chicken-without-a-head person.

No amnesty for creative types???

Why am I a 'creative' 'type'? Ugh. Spare my children from this fate and make them like finance or organic chemistry. PLEASE.

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