Friday, September 20, 2013

Loaded with bullets #funforFriday

Now that I'm a mom/coffee addict, being on the road I find my habit debilitating.

I had words with the little coffee maker in my room yesterday and decided I would need to go on a hunt for my rations.
I quickly entered the word "coffee" in my GPS app, assuming 526 Starbucks would pop up on my screen, but not a one. 

The first "cafe" led me to a restaurant row of sorts, and the joint wasn't open until 1 pm. None of the joints were open for me to politely scream at them what nearby coffee holes there were. I needed a fix bad. And they were going to charge me for parking. And I was going to have a sh** fit about it until I saw that the barrier was unguarded and the lever up.
I rounded around some one-way streets and passed a gas station. Hm. I thought. There's a thought. I pull a u-ie and I quickly grab these babies in case I needs 'em. 

But I was not yet giving up on some type of tattooed hipster barista in my near future. 

My fellow traveler and I had spotted an interesting place the day before that looked quite popular in the morning so I decided to stop in and try to look appropriately curious and not so desperate. 
$12 and two gallettes later I was no more caffeinated but if you chat up a southerner long enough you just might get an answer to your question. Or three. None of which you can entirely trust, but I had something to go on. 

I finally reach one of three destinations that is not the "real sweet and cute if you'd like to stay awhile" but the "if you feel like taking a walk" place and I get a surly look for being on my phone when I'm up at the counter. This ain't the Northeast; you must appear to be engage-able at any one moment in time. 

I softly put the phone (the hubby, who has no sympathy for my habit because he is a cruel alien on this planet put here to make those of us who rely on others and coffee beans to make us whole feel irrelevant) on my chest and with every fiber of my soul try to steady my crazy eyes and not yell at the top of my lungs "I'LL TAKE THE LARGEST LATTE YOU HAVE EVER DEIGNED TO CREATE AND TO GO GO GO PLEASE!"


about forty-five minutes later...

I was able to breathe,

and ask my companion to take this shot of me and my backup stash.
You just don't feel right in the South without a loaded gun I s'pose.

Happy Friday everyone!!! 
Have you ever had a desperate fix-hunt??? 


  1. Finding the perfect cup of coffee can be much harder than most would think- I guess I should lower my standards one of these days-- nahhh

  2. For that reason alone, I couldn't live in the south...

  3. hmmm, I'm pretty southern, not sure if I should be offended or not. :D

    Nope, I've learned to live with disappointment and don't panic too much when I dont get exactly what I want, except maybe that perfect fossil bag....

    1. Susan I was raised in the South so I thought it was a miracle when the first time I stepped on soil north of the Mason Dixon line I was able to get a cup of coffee in under 20 minutes without so much as a word. I was sold. ;b


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