Thursday, September 26, 2013

Duke University New Works Lab

I'm so excited to have begun some music work again! I've composed songs for this show:

So if you live in the Raleigh/Durham/Duke University/Chapel Hill triangle, go and see the staged reading of the show this Friday & Saturday nights at 8 pm in the Sheafer Lab Theatre. It's free!

So there are these songs of mine, and then there's like some text and characters and stuff...

and like I didn't even write most of the lyrics because my collaborator wanted them to 'go with the character's intentions' and all...whatevs....

Hahaha I kid. It's really coming together. I'm very proud of the work and it's very different from the work we used to do in our 20's when we were mostly trying to entertain ourselves.

It will hopefully have many different iterations and performances over the coming months, and possibly even years. The Duke University production is just the beginning in the creative process.

And how about my little unsuspecting actors-turned-musicians that saved the day and allowed mama to come back home to her twyns??

Very cool, dudes. You little smarty-pants, you....

Some of our personal dollies bringing our characters to life
Me and Sibyl, who never takes a normal picture
The superfreak on the left is just a neuroscience major by day and brilliant stage manager who can sight read music by night!

As Pee-Wee Herman would say: 
"La la la"

Happy Opening my loves! Have a great run!


  1. I *DO* live between Raleigh and Durham! Wish I had known before today - I have some other obligations. :(

    1. Oh wow, hahaha! I could have asked you for advice on the coffee front!! Well it's a very nice & relaxing atmosphere all the same...

  2. Thanks for sharing this nice info expect some more in near future.


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