Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thwarted! How I ended up in my own personal spin class know I've been struggling with motivation.

I thought : this last week before the kids go back to preschool, let me get a sitter one more time to get that one last long bike in. Because next week, the week before the race, I'm not going to want it. So I scheduled it.

And then it rained.


So...well you know what? I've been meaning to get in another long swim, too, since I was mad at myself for taking it for granted before my sprint tri a few weeks ago.
Yep; totally wearing my triathlon mami shirt for inspiration.
And...then I'll run and/or strength and/or stretch...see what the gym has to offer me.

And then I get to the gym and see:

Thwarted. again!!

Ok so...treadmill for 10 miles? That sounds absolutely dreadful. Stationary bike? Can't stand those. Actually have one of those awful things in my basement so what was the point of coming here...

But...the spin room is open and no one's in there...hmmm....Let it be said, in my three years of spinning, I have never once stepped into the spin room on my own. But why be intimidated by a room of empty spin cycles?
I no longer am.

I went for it. And I rocked it. I was super into it. I'm surprised I didn't yell out orders to myself. I was pretty tough! I decided to use each song that came up in the shuffle as the basis of my structure for 50 minutes of sprint, climb, stand, and driving in aero position.

A Spin Class All my Own (50 mins)
[disclaimer: there is a heavy dose of Black Eyed Peas] 
  • Sprint = you are mostly out of breath, high rpms, low resistance
  • Climb = increase resistance til your pace is slowed down
  • Aero = resting your elbows and forearms on the handlebars to focus on legs
  • Off your seat = either in running position (straight up), in position "3", which is leaning over the handlebars and holding them lightly; or a combo of both
  • One foot should be hitting the (down) beat of the music for best pace
1. Warm up that feels like sprinting. 
"Treasure" by Bruno Mars
2. Steady Climb.
 "Tunnel Vision" by Justin Timberlake
3. Sprint
"Wild Ones" by Flo Rida
4. Off your seat, alternating positions during phrases in choruses
"Yeah Yeah" by Willy Moon
5. Aero position, a medium amount of resistance and focusing on legs, driving
"You're the Voice" by David Archuleta
6. Sprint
"Move Along" by All American Rejects
7. Off your seat, climbing, alternating positions during phrases in choruses
"Boom Boom Pow" by Black Eyed Peas
8. Sprint
"Pump it" by Black Eyed Peas
9. Aero, a medium amount of resistance and focusing on legs, driving (recovery if you need)
"If my Heart Had Wings" by Faith Hill
10. ONE LAST PUSH! Combo a bit of climb out of seat & sprint the choruses to finish 
"Crazy on You" by Heart
11. Cool down, easy ride, easy resistance
"Leather & Lace" by Stevie Nicks

Then I ran. Some sprint intervals. Niiiice. 

All this, even though I picked up the headphones in the house that only work on one side.


Some abs, back & stretching, and I'm hitting the showers. But then this:
Thwarted, thwarted, thwarted.

Boy, that is hard to say three times fast. Would be a good theatre warm up.

Well I don't hate a cold shower in the summertime, gotta be honest...

This is why I tri, people...always an option at the gym! 

And because I wasn't fitting in a long bike, I managed to reward myself with "I have a Herring problem" pedi:

Do you lead your own personal classes? 
Do you judge/age me by my music choices?


  1. Love it! So motivating (as I sit on my sofa sitting coffee in my pjs! - no excuses next week when kids are back at school!). And I love your toes - mine are almost the exact same colour! x

  2. Can I take your spin class next time you lead it??

  3. I usually work out by myself and put myself through my "own classes" I work really well that way when training for races- after all a spin instructor wont be there on race day! nice work getting it done, and love the music choices!

  4. Good grief, that's a lot of thwarting! Congrats for surviving it!


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