Friday, August 9, 2013

Guest Post: A Quilter's Quilter posts her latest creation, a Scrappy Trip-Along! #funforFriday

Oh, my Jenny. "Everyone should have a Jenny", I've been quoted as saying, many, many, times. Have you every had a Jenny? You'd know if you had. Someone you worked with, that you wished you had grown up with. Seriously, a sister in life. Here we are, four kids and ten years later, and I still want to see her every day! She and I created a few quilts together back in the day, and I've never been so careful as to quilt for the quilter! She and her mom are gurus at it and, thus, I asked her to post about her perfectionist ways...

Hello there! My name is Jenny, and I’m the friend that Ashley has slept with. What makes the story even better, is that we were traveling for work, and she was the boss, so I get to say “I slept with the boss.” Ha!

A little about me - I’m now doing Ashley’s old job in music admissions for the University of Maryland, I have two kids (Sophie - almost 3, Natalie - just turned 1), and really miss spending most of every day with Ashley when we used to work together! She taught me so many things - about how to be a good employee and boss, how to be a good parent, and how to do things for me.

Ashley and I have been sewing and quilting together for a long time. We first took a class together with my mom in 2005, I think? We’ve made a couple of quilts together for coworkers and friends. And I’m constantly impressed by how she creates her quilts and other sewing projects. See, Ashley makes it up as she goes along, and usually ends up with something unique and fun. I am a “by the rules” sort of girl, and almost always follow a pattern. See? I’m still learning from Ashley, about how to just start sewing and see what happens!

The quilt I’d like to show you today was inspired by the Quilting Bee that Ashley and I are in. For her blocks, one of the other ladies requested Scrappy Trip-Along blocks. I’m not sure if you’ve seen these, but they were all the rage a few months ago. Check out to see some of the thousands of scrappy trip-alongs that people all over the world are creating! You can find the original tutorial for the scrappy trip along at quiltville, The nice part of this pattern is that you can use up whatever 2.5” strips you have. No planning is necessary - that’s the “scrappy” part of the title!

This picture shows the full quilt. The binding is not quite done yet, so please ignore that part!

For my scrappy trip-along, I, true to form, planned it out. This quilt is a baby quilt for my niece Camila (who is already 6 months old.) I chose the blue print to be the center of each of my blocks, and then the rest of the quilt was more random. For this quilt, I made a total of 15 blocks, put on a 1” border, and a final 2.5” border. Then, I quilted this quilt all over with circles, which overlap the way ripples on the water do, when you’ve dropped something in the water. I used a blue thread on the front, and yellow on the back. The back was pieced from what was leftover from the front. The binding continues the “scrappy” theme, using whatever 2.5” pieces I had left.

This picture shows the quilting.

I am so pleased with how this quilt came out, from the front, to the backing, to the quilting, to the binding. I don’t usually quilt my own quilts anymore. My mom has a longarm machine, and she now quilts most of my quilts for me, but her longarm is currently on a break while she and my dad finish a new room in their house for her sewing studio. So I decided to quilt this one myself. My sister-in-law and her kids are coming up for our birthday party for our kids, so I’m furiously sewing down the binding to get this quilt done to give to the baby. Having the baby quilt done by the time the baby is 6 months old isn’t too bad, if you ask me!

This picture shows the pieced back of the quilt. I used up quite a few leftovers, including some of the extra 2.5” squares from the piecing of the top!

Wasn't that fun?? [And completely gorgeous of course.] 

Oh my gosh, you guys, I feel like I have been on a tour of LOVE this past week. I really loved seeing what all of my guests created and I hope you have, too. Mostly I just feel like I got a bunch of my favorite people in a room together somewhere and we just laughed, shared, cried and hugged. 

See you on the flip side!!

What have you created this week??


  1. That quilt is amazing! I made some home made card this week for a random present for a friend as well as a birthday present for another friend!


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