Monday, July 29, 2013

You can't call it a taper when it's just your normal training week :Weeks 3 & 4 & 5 & beyond

So I think I missed week 3 recap of training?
[See recaps 1 here and 2 here.]
And now it's week 4?
Or is it week 5?
Ok, well I have composed this post fifty times and 
now I'm 6 weeks away from race day so here's the phase of 
"well I only spent $X amount of dollars on registering so if I bail it's not that bad..."

Oh Lord, Spazzes R Us and Sloperators Anonymous just called and they would like me to be their presidents. Both. At the same time.

And it's totally ok with me because neither is organized enough to have any meetings.

Anyways, here's what I've been doing training-wise, in prep for the half-iron:

Going Backward:
Week 3: Kids out of camp [total: 7 miles]
This was my first week of real 'summertime' schedule and no kid-less time. We also headed to my brother's in the mountains so I was travelling a bit.

I did: 
  • One long-ish run
  • One long-ish swim
  • One strength session
  • One yoga session
Week 4: On Florida time [total: 12 miles]
Yay! The beach! OWS in the ocean! Flat roads! Oh wait, sh**, it's hot.

I did:
  • 2 long-ish runs
  • 1 short swim
  • 1 yoga session
Week 5: To Taper or not to Taper [total: 25 miles]
My friend asked me if I planned to taper before the 5k swim on Sunday.
"Oh? Taper?
Well, my normal training week
looks like most people's taper,
so...I guess no, would be my answer.
Yea, no."
Cramming as much as possible early in the week so as to prep for a 48-hour road trip right before I swim 5k for the first time. Yeah, try that. So. much. travel! Even hubby was getting annoyed, even though he was only home for about 4 hours out of every 24, he still missed his laundry being put away.

I did: 
  • spin (so basically a fast, sweaty, sprint-y, bike)
  • strength (mostly chest, arms, back, abs)
  • 2 runs (mini-brick of 1 mile, sprint work session)
  • 2 swims (1 medium, 1 being the 5k)
Week 6: Forgot to recover [total: 34 miles]
I planned to BUILD BUILD BUILD because the kids had camp again this week. But oh yeah, recovery's a bitch. I didn't expect to need any. Whoops. Took the first two days off.

I did:
  •  1 long bike (30 miles recon)
  •  2 short runs
Week 7: Prepping [total: 80 miles]
Two weeks before long family vacation [cruise] in which I will not be able to bike [but they may have spin classes], and certainly not swim [unless scuba counts.] I will be able to run on a treadmill, but will likely not be interested in running on a treadmill for two hours during vacay.

I did:
3 monster workouts with days off in between. This training method was working for me very well...hmmmm...curious...could this pay off for a weekend warrior like me? Want to explore more.
  • 11 mile trail run
  • 50 mile bike (checked my legs afterwards; could have run if I had more time)
  • monster spin followed by sprinting 2 miles and strength & abs session
  • short swim (check-in before Aug 18 race day)
Going Forward...
Week 8: Crunch time
I really want to leave that 50 mile bike as it was. It built so much confidence for me because I maintained race pace and then some over the course. It's kind of like when you do marathon training and you have a spectacular 20 mile run but then are afraid of the 22 mile run? Going into my vacay I want to feel like I've built a good foundation.

I plan:
  • long run; short run
  • long bike
  • swim or yoga
  • strength
Week 9: On cruise
Lots of running; there is even a 5k at one of the ports. Try a spin class. Try not to gain 10 pounds.

Week 10: Sprint Triathlon race prep [IronGirl, Columbia, MD, August 18]

something special about 6 am sweat
Weeks 11 & 12: keep it light; recover; try to write a musical with this woman

Week 13: Half-Iron race prep [Diamondman, Bear, DE, September 8]

This is my best training and fittest summer ever, 
although, the half-iron was, as usual, overly ambitious.

But: I am going to finish. it.

I read that if you finish the bike by 12:30 they will let you finish the run.
That gives me about 5 hours [depending on wave start] for both the swim and bike, 
and unless I flat, I should make that.
And if I don't make that, well then, that will have been a nice Aquavelo for the day.

Next summer I'm totally going to rock going back to the Olympic-length!

worf laughing
P.S. One of my guest bloggers may be addressing the issue of staying active while traveling or on vacation...stay tuned!

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  1. You are going to be fine for the half iron. And if they close the course, you can always run anyways even if not official. The good thing about triathlon is that unless you are super athlete and competitive, the rest of us mere mortals only compete against ourselves. And I have a feeling you will be back to this distance .... regardless of what happens this time around. Though again, I am sure you will be great! Keep at it.


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