Tuesday, July 23, 2013

UFO's all OVER the place and nothing's getting done*

Oh my goodness is it that time of the summer already?

The kids are constantly fighting with each other, I'm constantly at my nerves' end with them, we can't get enough activities but we can't have too many because we will go bonkers, we are sick of the pool but wouldn't want to be anywhere else, we sleep in at random and we wake up early at random, we can't go to bed before 9:30 because the sun is still out, we want to be in a constant state of vacation but we are in a constant state of craving structure, and we are all around sweaty messes!?!

All I can say is, I thought a lot more would be done right now.

I'd have had my last build cycle polished and rounding around to the finish line/month of training before my half-iron.

It's just beginning. The training has been there, but not an intense-build-thingy as much as I'd like. Why did I think I'd still have at least one 'extended day' like I did during the school year to get in the long workouts? Why didn't I plan for two long workouts a week? Why didn't I plan to just get up at 6 am everyday? Kinda like I do already with one of my monkeys, but only, with my workout clothes on and ready to run??

Um. I am still a member of a quilting bee, aren't I? Just finished 1 1/2 of 2 requested blocks for April. APRIL, PEOPLE!! And.....I SCREWED THAT UP ROYALLY. Currently taking a break from May/June blocks to cook dinner and, oh yeah, blog...and then there's July/August blocks, waiting for me in the wings...
My screw-up cuts for April on the left for Block #2; managed to make 1 complete block on the right
Directions for May/June Blocks : Missouri Star
Looking pretty good for block #1 of 2; except; it's supposed to be 8 1/2 inches instead of 8!! DOH!
[I typically just don't like to sew in the summer. I took the ETSY shop off vacay mode for a day to allow a repeat customer to sneak a purchase in, and two more came out. Soooooo....I guess I'm sewing in the summer. No getting around it...

Sooooo....maybe I should just go ahead and get started on that Wonder Woman dress my daughter has been requesting....it would be kinda fun....]
The girl's fabric choices for THE dress
The house. Weren't we going to tackle a few more things around the house?? I was so looking forward to posting pics of the finished patio, but alas! It's not exactly finished!! The lighting fixtures are stacked and ready in the garage, going on two months now...

I started to hang a toilet paper holder in the main powder room today, out of complete frustration at the free-standing one that just leans like the tower of pisa at this point. No go; the anchors that already exist in the wall are too far apart, and the screws don't seem to fit into the anchors that came with the set either. I'm too shy to force them [or I have learned over the years that I am dangerous at forcing things]. So I'm stifled. No surprising hubby with this project today. Let's see what he says at the mess. Or if he notices.

And then there's the lightbulbs in our master toilet room. Ummmmm....they burnt out weeks ago, and we pee in the dark. Or hubby walks in on me. I finally got the ladder out and looked inside the fixture and the bulbs are weird. They are like medium sized bottoms but small tops. I tried to get regular medium sized bulbs and then the glass doesn't fit back over them. So I'm peeing in the dark again until I get the right bulbs. 
Hard to see the problem, I know...CUZ IT'S DARK!
Now why didn't I unscrew and investigate the situation before I went to the hardware store? Well: 
  1. I didn't plan on going to the hardware store
  2. I didn't expect it would be anything but normal inside that thing
  3. You are lucky I didn't break all 6 bulbs in the box attempting to force the issue, only 3.
Summertime slows.

What are you getting done, anyways??

*UFO's are "un-finished objects" in quilt-speak. Don't say I never taught you nuttin'.


  1. Well sister, repent, for salvation is upon you. A few years ago, I started a new church - the Church of the UHIP (Unfinished Home Improvement Projects). So, you have to ask yourself, are UHIP? If so, then you can attend our 9:30 service at Home Depot, or our 11:00 at Lowes. The title of this weeks sermon is "Spakle - Don't repent your sins, cover them up!"

    1. Yes, there is a quilters equivalent as well...I will join, yes!

  2. I've been working on cleaning my spare room/office and remodeling it for months now..shit just isn't getting done! BUT I finally have a little more time to focus on things besides triathlon training 4634526 hours a week and work has been closer to a 40 hour week lately so I might be able to get back to it!

    1. Yes back to tri training. It makes everything else irrelevant.

  3. Busy busy indeed! I have so many UFOs (or current projects as I like to call them) that I'm on my way to Target to get a few containers to sort them in. Somebody really should take my fabric buying card away!

    1. I think instead of frequent fabric buyer programs at local quilt shops they should just give us a bin every 10 visits. Soooooo addicted!!!! And yet there never seems to be enough ;)


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