Friday, July 5, 2013

The drunken bikes take over First Street on the Fourth at Jax Beach

I didn't manage to fit in my run until 5 pm yesterday and at that time of day, it is high tide, which means the beach is narrower and softer, and on the Fourth, it is CROWDED, as people prep their viewing spots for the fireworks.

Well, no problem...I'll head out on First Street, which stretches right along the condos and hotels that line the beach. 

But I did not know. 

The bikes take over First Street on the Fourth. 

And by 5 pm, everyone - and I mean - EVERYONE - is a hot sunburned drunken MESS.

It's hilarious. 

Someone tried to super-soaker me.

Someone saw me running and started in 
[oh wow- did he know who I am??]

And someone else yelled:
"They invented the wheel for people like you."

I think I must've looked like a tourist in my cotton capris and long tank. 

No one was wearing shoes, other than flip-flops. 

Many July 4th shirts were on display. 

And there was cheering during the fireworks. And my husband, who was at work but facetimed with us during the fireworks, asked why he heard cheering. 

"Um, those are my people."

Don't worry, he didn't stay cooped up all night. He showed me the Narberth fireworks too. 

Did you see anything funny on the Fourth? Do tell!!

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