Sunday, July 21, 2013

sUn-edited: oh boy I walked into THAT one!

Oh! It's been awhile since I have posted un-edited for Sundays. Welcome back!

So...I got a little taste of some kind of different kind of mean-girls action.

Boy I am really good at attracting this kind of stuff!

Remember adult bullies? My being blocked on facebook?

Here's the latest story.

I love the blog Mama Laughlin. I don't know, something about her writing style, really draws me in. She has gotten a lot of followers because of her weight loss, but I think people stay for the funny. Actually, I find that most blogs I enjoy is because of the funny.

She shared in a "Blog advice giveaway" a few weeks back with several other bloggers.

It was kind of annoying - you had to follow everyone's blog to gain more entries into the giveaway, and you didn't really know what you might end up with - which blogger might be the one giving you advice - and in which type of format you would get the advice - skype or emails or maybe a phone call...

But I entered. I was excited. I thought: "this is it! I NEED this!"

But then weeks went by - I don't remember seeing a post about who won - so I figured I just missed it. It was still kind of on my mind, so I just Google'd to see who had won - if it was posted at all - and I came across another type of web forum that ... well, for lack of a better phrase, made fun of a "Blog advice giveaway" from "bloggers no one even knows."

So I commented and got in on the fun. [uh-oh, it is contagious...]

Then....noticed that I was receiving a lot of 'hits' from this site - and couldn't imagine it came from my one little comment - and it didn't.

Someone had posted the link to my blog and asked for 'thoughts'...which turned into a little snarky bashing...

"hate the name" ; 
"anything with main line in it makes me blech..." ; 
"is she a blogger or performer? opening herself up to ridicule by mixing the two..."


You got my adrenalin up for a second, and made me want to change something about my blog!! Like...a girl in high school making a side comment about my hair so me going home and trying to cut it myself. I even considered just...stopping...

I would post the link for you all but in true mean-girls-induced-fear I don't want you to link through and have them getting hits from my site that would alert them to the fact that I was *gasp* gossiping about them and bring them back here for more!!

So then I remembered why I do this. To chat. Even if it's just with the computer. 

I don't think I need to be snarky or clever to have a blog. I don't think it's entirely vanity. I think it's a great way for like-minded-peeps to get together when they can't physically get together because, say, three children are bouncing off and tugging on various body parts while we try to have a conversation.

So grab a cup of coffee and I'll see you at our coffee spot. 

Next time.



  1. You rock!! Mean girls be gone!! Love you!!

  2. The internet is what it is. It's so sad, but true. All of us that put ourselves out there will go through this - a lot. I wish I had advice, I don't know how to deal with it either. Just try to filter it out and be what I want to be I suppose. Sorry it happened to you. :(

    1. Thanks. I guess it's the same as in "real life", you just didn't expect to be back in high school ever again, and then you find yourself in a situation where you are! Crazy. Glad to know I'm not alone, thanks.

  3. Haters gonna hate, they're just jealous. I'm glad you didn't let it get you down, because you have nothing to be down about!

    People who feel the need to do crap like that on the internet are the ones who really don't have social skills in person so they resort to bashing others without being face to face. It makes them feel powerful, when they really aren't.

    1. Thanks. Love this- haters- so true. Kinda funny, too, when you step back from it.


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