Friday, July 19, 2013

Some funny sh** that happened this week #funforfriday

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The boy said:
While catching a bit of Harry Potter at the doctor's: "wow that Grandma just turned into a cat!"
While "reading" about Thor in his superhero book: "hammer guy uses his hammer to ham things."

And then he put this on: 

The girl said:
While swimming with me for what would ultimately amount to six hours that day: "you never spend any time with me anymore"

And then she and her friend disciplined purple: 

The hubby said:
Upon arrival at home early one night, having spent the prior two weeks with quarter-end blinders, stepping over diapers on the floor, children on the stairs, and wives in the bathroom: "this house is a disaster inside and out!"

[How do I explain to him that that's how the house looks exactly 30 minutes before he comes home every day, he just happened to come home early for once??]

I didn't said:
While getting acquainted with Google + and coming across the "Singing Quilter." [Huh? Did she trademark that sh** yet??]
She posted this:

Why is Canadia weird. And why do I like love them.

Happy Friday!! 
What got said to you this week?

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