Friday, July 26, 2013

Shush children! The muse is visiting. #funforFriday

So remember this pile of fabrics from earlier this week... 

Well yesterday morning I just up and started cutting it.

This happened very quickly. 

But as usual, not very cleanly. 
I tidied it up a bit, with the girl's direction [she wanted shorter.]

And I didn't know this may have been divinely inspired by the Princess Kate's homage to Princess Diana's polka-dotted dress upon the arrival of Prince William? 
So sweet! Pics here.

Here's the fun part: I wasn't making this for the shop, just my little girl. 
And by love and chance, I got the inspiration.

I thought I was done. 

But then this started coming together...


She wanted a pink layer next in the twirl skirt...
A Christmas layer...
I was determined...

Let it be ALL supehero ladies.

[ok I gave her a little Christmas in the back.]

For a little guidance, I looked at the pictures of McCall's pattern M6549. 
I still can't follow a pattern to save my life. *spazz*

Those of you on my Facebook page will have already seen some of these pics, 
but you need to know the story. 

I have let slip before, I'm occasionally possessed by a crafty ghost.

I'm not kidding. 

I get jittery. 

I get giggly. 

And I can't cut, piece, assemble, or sew fast enough.

I suddenly have answers to questions I never even ask. 

I make quick decisions about design and structure without a second's hesitation. 

Everything comes together and I can't hear, breathe, or even pee until the project immediately before me is complete. 

I instinctively know that I do not have much time in this plane, and if I stop in the middle to revisit later, I will no longer understand how to finish it. 

It's crazy, y'all!!

The kids start yammering at me in the middle and I just take one little girl, stand her on the coffee table and rip her shirt off to fit a bodice on her; I take one little boy and shove a monkey yogurt in one hand and a video game in the other. 

Then I can no longer hear them. They may be asking me something but I can't see them. My brain has been taken over. I've lost all sense of time and responsibility for anything else.

But...but...two dresses later...I start wondering what kind of seance I can hold to bring these bitches back to visit again sometime!

Or maybe it's just the start of another season of Project Runway invading my subconscious. 

P.S. now the boy wants a Batman dress.
Ummmm....let mama get back to you on that one...



  1. Happy Friday, indeed! Your grandmother is very clearly smiling down on you with pride! I think that she might be your strongest muse. Make sure you answer and chat with your muses :)

  2. OMG I love those outfits! My mom used to sew things like that for me growing up and it was so awesome! You're so crafty!


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