Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Running my sister's run

Oh my.
I have never run with my sister-in-law.
I have never run in the mountains (although in retrospect, the hills around my house are very similar.)
And I have never really run someone else's 'regular route' with them!
It was quite a treat all around.
Very refreshing for me, very intimate for both of us, and very necessary for my training!

There is something special about being invited (or inviting yourself and being obliged) on someone else's normal route. 

My sister-in-law and I have known each other for most of our adult lives, and we began the run marveling at how much our lives have changed since we met. 

Neither of us were married, had jobs, had kids, owned houses, kept those houses as our full time jobs, and neither of us, was a runner.

Now we find ourselves in a unique moment in time on this summer weekday morning, with five kids milling about her mountain home, itching to steal away for an hour during baby's nap time, so we can strap on our running shoes and go.

Thanks to the mountain man that is my brother (post on that transformation later) this opportunity arises (although we told him it would just be a half hour, whoops.)

She explains to me it starts up and up and up a hill, but then levels out for panoramic views of the local ski mountain Bellayre, and of course, the way back is mostly downhill. She says something about three miles, so I prepare myself for three. miles.

Well, that's how she maps it out in her mind, anyway...
About two miles in I continue to climb and start wondering about this magical hairpin turn that will loop us back around to their house.

At two and a half miles, we start to descend over a gorgeous creek as she tells me the story of the local rotary club president and his family's "castle" up one of the driveways we pass. He's pushing 80, and his grandfather built the castle, so he is both local legend and organizer. He's simply known as "Krump" and I now start to recall I overheard his phone message at the house where he invited my brother to come to the next meeting. I believe I will be hearing more about this castle man.
"Ok so here's mile 3. I've never gone this far before!" My sister says breathlessly as she stops for a minute on my running tour, points out some maple tree taps for syrup.
"What? I thought this looped around?" as I snap a pic of the taps.
"Oh no- this isn't a loop! We go back now! I've just never gone this far."
Gulp. We've already gone 2.7 hilly miles according to my GPS. Um. My thighs are already burning, and we are on the downside of the other side of the hill from my brothers house. Alrighty, missy, well you've had a virtually non-existent training week thus far so buckle the f**k up.
We head back and I get an even better view of the ski slopes. I remember each and every house so I know it is going faster.

We are up and down, up and down, see:

I explain to her my husband's method of taking the downhills as a fly-away moment to sprint. She describes a training article she once read where taking the downhills slow and the uphills fast was a better workout. Huh. I guess we really are runners now! We are talking about it and stuff!

We get a text from my brother asking if we have been attacked by bears. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about the bears for a second. I tell him we are almost there.
As we round the final turn, and my legs are thanking their lucky stars, she explains to me that she often "rewards" her effort by heading up the other hill for a ways. Not today, sister! 

We start to sprint the finish and she says "ok this one's for you, hubby of Twynmawrmom!"
We hug and high five, and I hand her a coconut water. My brother hands her a baby. 

We feel like a team. 

Well, I guess we have been for awhile now. 

So thankful for my sister's run. 

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