Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here's what I've learned about #weightloss [8 tips for me]

I'm the biggest self-rationalizer in the universe. Ok, maybe not the biggest, but doing a half-marathon last Fall and still saying that all my shorts must have been put in the dryer by accident, was not true and not adding up.

1. Don't give me credit where credit is not due 
The apps! Oh, the apps. Myfitnesspal, livestrong, and up-band did not work for me. You can not give me credits for my exercise. I move my a$$ all damn day after these kiddos, and to do that, I need energy, and QUICK energy, and so if you tell me that I just burned 100 cals, I'm going to eat 100 cals and run around some more. You would think I'd still be breaking even, but I don't. I pack on the weight. Don't give me credit where credit is NOT due. Working out and being active is MY JOB. Eating right will lead me down the path of lighter weight! Tracking my calories and feeling great about how much "I had left" on my little phone-tracker at the end of the day did not show up around my waist. It just didn't.

2. I cannot successfully pre-eat
You know how you are headed to a playdate, or the movies, or a holiday BBQ, and you're all like,
"I'm just going to eat this avocado at home for lunch and then I won't be tempted while we're out."
"...and you know I better put a protein bar in my purse just in case I get tempted..."
Well it doesn't work. Eating is social. Being social is eating. Going to the movies is eating. Going to a BBQ is, -duh-, eating. I'm going to do it anyways. I can't pre-eat my good calories and hope I won't eat any bad calories. Better to just eat when I'm hungry. And when I'm hungry, just eat enough to satiate that hunger. No more. No less. Not early. Not late. At that time. Making a good choice. There's usually one there (even at the movies.) OMG do you pre-eat? I don't know what's wrong with me. I think there's not going to be food where I'm going. I don't know what happened in my youth and who starved me [no one] so that I think I must always have food with me and eat before I go out into the foodless world.

3. Summer training/tri season does not mean I can eat like a horse
I get so hungry when I train. Especially with running. I don't know what it is, but it is working a different part of my body that means I want to eat my own kin after finishing a workout. It doesn't matter that I just ran 10 miles and burned 1000 cals, or biked 40 miles and burned 1500! I will gain weight. I will gain weight. I will gain weight. Go ahead, tell me it's muscle. Tell me I've still lost inches. It's not true. I weighed the most I ever have training for the longest race I've ever run last year, the half-marathon, and I'm pretty sure a cheeseburger after every double-digit run is not going to cut it. Also, the recovery was awful. Just, awful. I know now that my knees needed a ten pound reprieve. I have to hydrate like HELL, and then when my stomach is still grrring at me after the first protein bar, I gotta eat a regular meal. Not two. Not a whole hoagie. Just. regular. normal. portions. You are not Michael Phelps.

4. Alcohol is not my enemy
I think I tend to drink more in the summer, and this is not good for many reasons. There are a lot of "special occasions" and "holidays" and loooong days that require self-medication afterwards, so I steer away from my winter-habit of only having a glass or two with my hubby on weekends. Also, gardening = beer. I don't know why, it just does. Buuuuuuuuut - drinking, in general, does not derail my weight loss. I have this weird habit of only drinking at the end of a meal, not during. I think it's evolutionarily superior, but I digress. When I take a sip, it signals the end of a meal for me. So if I take a sip of wine during our Friday night splurge of Greek food, I don't eat anymore. So I can almost use it as a device to stop the eating for the night. Now as long as I don't have more than two glasses, I still see the results of my training week on the scale the next morning. But not if I have two glasses every night...jeez, twynmawrmom...lush much?

5. Find my lowest weight for the week and stop there
I don't have a standard day to weigh myself every week. You know those days - when you just feel skinny - and maybe you just sweated about 2 pounds of water off your body on your Saturday morning long run - so you weigh yourself. And you see progress. And maybe half of it is water loss, but it feels GOOOD. Well, as long as I do that every week, and find my perfect day, I can still see the scale move. It's not always 'true' and 'real' for good, but over time, it is. And then you can log it and feel like that is your new weight. And maybe two weeks down the road, it is real weight, but you are already seeing another number on the scale that is motivating you, and *that* is motivating you. Good job, twynmawrmom. You are now... 15 pounds down and 5 more to your wedding weight. Do that again.

6. There's no going back
I just can't eat like I used to. There's no "being good" during the week and taking off the weekend. There's no losing five pounds and then "coasting" for awhile. There's no vacation without paying the piper down the line. I'm 37, it's only going to get worse as hormones and age take a hold of me, and I might as well get used to the fact that I can not share an entire frozen pizza with my husband for dinner anymore. Gross. Disgusting. Just. Stop. Or just know - when you go out for your birthday, you'd better take it easy the next day on the chips. It's a balancing act, like everything else in your life. Get on the balance beam and don't. fall. off.

7. It's the little things
See #1. I AM active. All day long. I'm not at a desk. I'm not even usually sitting! And as we learn in Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or whatever it is we are feeding into these days [pun intended], the little calories add up. *BUT*!!! The little activities add up, too. I know I want to pop a cookie because I need that quick burst of energy to play "come get me, mama, come get me!" or, dance party... I think it makes me a better mom, and a better calorie burner. I really want them to sit and watch TV for 30 minutes while I blog uninterrupted, but on the other hand, I really like seeing that sh**-eating grin on their faces when I run after them. Remember when the high school gym teacher wanted us to run back and forth between two cones? God, that was annoying. This isn't. And even though I'm sore from my morning's workout, or didn't sleep but a wink, it's just a bonus. It's just part of my day. And it helps me reach my goal. Little by little. No little eating, but YES little moving.

8. Stop fantasizing about Ironman
I started training for triathlons because a) I was a fan and b) it helped direct my fitness which c) curbed weight gain. But in reality, as I've gotten more serious and signed up for bigger races, training is not weight loss and weight loss is not training. I may not do an Ironman. I can't even get through the lackluster half-ironman training plan I've set for myself! You know why? Cuz I just wanna be healthy, happy, and here for my people. A Friday night movie with my hubby, a family day on Saturday with all four of us, and a cute little 70.3 sticker on my bumper...WHA??? SHUT UP TWYNMAWRMOM I SAID STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND JUST BE.

Sorry. Multiple blog disorder, spazz, as I mentioned...

Anyways, my point on #8 is, too much thinking too soon is going to get me in trouble. I get wrapped up in the training and forget which is the bigger goal : the race or the health. And bringing it back around to what happened to me last Fall, I have to say health comes first;  the race comes second. It is the means to the end of being a fitter, slimmer me, not the end of my efforts.

Although I will likely be having a cheeseburger afterwards on September 8th.

And a dance party [don't judge my moves]:

Ok speaking of training, wish me luck on Sunday! 
I'm swimming my first 5k and, well, it's a 1.5 mile loop
so let's just see if I tag out halfway through urgh....


  1. Love this post! I too, am working on the body-image self-esteem, especially because I want A & G to grow up with confidence in themselves. So I have decided stretch marks be darned, I'm wearing my bikini at the beach this summer. And I am focused on healthy choices overall, but I'm also going to enjoy some ice cream and other treats as well. It's all a balance, as you said. Congrats on the great job thus far!

    1. YESSSSSS!!! You should be wearing that bikini. No time like NOW.

  2. Love love love this, great thoughts~ good luck this weekend you are going to kick butt and NOT tag out half way! I'm pretty sure you should just do IMCozumel with me next year, just a thought!

    1. I will think about you when I tag out or -gulp- don't. And when I don't sign up for IM Cozumel or -gulp- do.

  3. One of my fav posts to date. Keeing it real on this blog about weight loss. And if you arent going to pre-eat that avocado, can you save it for me when I come over? A and i will split it...

    1. *always* I know you had to eat one after reading this!! HAHAHAHAHA...


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