Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Great [Vacay] Expectations

As we approach our vacation, and furiously line up our shoes and underwear and stash all the necessary medications a family of fourteen would possibly need for seven days, there is no question, no DOUBT, who is more excited than anyone going on this cruise:

 the hubby. 

And as is his style, where there is hope and excitement, there is also anxiety:
"There is no WAY this is going to live up to last year."
That was our first cruise. It was our first DISNEY cruise.
And now we know: we love cruises, and we love Disney.

But we didn't have to fly [and thus pay for flights.]
We didn't have to worry about packing less than 4 oz of all liquids.
We carried our liquor straight on with one of the carry-ons.
We didn't know what to expect, and so our expectations were zilch-to-none.
We didn't know how great the food would be, or the excursions, or the shows.
We didn't know we'd have breakfast dates, and afternoon dates, and alone time so often!
We didn't have any sea-sickness due to a lucky bout of calm seas, as we were informed.
We were BLOWN AWAY. And it was easy to do so.

Now we are flying [and thus paying for flights.]
We have to be cautious of packing liquids.
We have to find time to purchase our liquor in the post-flight and pre-cruise timespan [poor us, I know.]
We are looking forward to the great food, the excursions, and the shows.
We are looking forward to our couple time.
We do not think we will have rough seas, by any stretch of the imagination.
We have GREAT expectations.

But LEST WE FORGET! The bad times. The meltdowns. The compromises. The interruption of dinner to run back to the room for our precious sippy cups. Our precious blankies. Our dry clothes after a potty mishap.

Like a pregnancy, and childbirth, and newborn-dom, there is a certain part of the brain that gets swept aside in our memories, so as to make us want to brave such an undertaking again [poor us, I know.]

You see, the little dude had had three straight beach days.
We were headed to Cape Canaveral in 90 degree heat.
He started to wane. He wanted to sleep in the stroller.
He was hot.
We started the tour.
We stopped the tour.
We had them call us a cab back to the ship.
The boy was not well.
A view you could live without while cruisin' : the infirmary.
We got to the ship infirmary and he spiked 105 temp.
They tried water, pedialyte, they tried a popsicle.
Forget ibuprofen.
He wouldn't budge. Wouldn't take a drop.
They looked at us; we looked at them.
We had actually been through this before with the boy.
He gets fevers and there's a point of no return.
We held him down. They administered IV fluids.
He started to get color in his face.
We took him back to the room, held the little guy, and laid low the rest of the day.
We watched the Disney Channel from our tiny room while he slept.
We saw the Lorax several times. We watched the "making of" the Disney Fantasy and were in awe of the engineering feat that it is. We watched the promo video for the Disney Vacation Club and considered signing up 503 times.
We marveled at the emptiness of the ship at port.
We heard the masses return at midnight from the glory of the Disney World they had just left.
And by the magic of Mickey, the next morning, the little dude was himself again.

But you better believe, mommy needed another "drink of the day" that day. 

And it certainly provides a good amount of anxiety every time we travel.

But it saves me from the anxiety of "is this going to live up to last year." 

Yeah, no, that doesn't really keep me up at night...

Ummmmmm, should I even remind him??

Ok, ok, enough already....on with the guest posts...

They are starting to come in, and I think you are in for a treat!!

And anyways, I'm sick of y'all, too...

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