Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Collegeville Movie Tavern

My husband is a movie fanatic and had been counting the days until we could take the twins to their first movie. When they had just turned 3, Beauty and the Beast came out in 3D. Well this was an unmitigated disaster. There were at least 5 potty trips, no one would wear the 3D glasses, which rendered the entire experience useless since we could watch Beauty and the Beast in the comfort of our own living room without the fuzzy non-3-D view, and everyone wanted a lap which was horribly uncomfortable for mommy and daddy. I believe my husband waited outside the theatre with my son for the last fifteen minutes after the final potty trip rather than going back inside and watching the beast turn back into a *spoiler alert* prince. FAIL.

Well a year and a half later, with the release of Monsters University, and the lure of a new experience, the Movie Tavern, which features larger, more comfortable seats, and full service dining, we dove into "going to the movies" as a family again. 


The Movie Tavern in Collegeville is about a thirty minute drive from our home on the Main Line. It is a part of a huge relatively new lifestyle center that includes Wegman's, many restaurants, Best Buy, Dick's, and some smaller shops. Just past the Limerick outlets. 
Mmm. Outlets...
Where was I?
Oh yeah. Movies.
We bought our tickets online and arrived about 45 minutes early for the 1 pm show. We were shocked to already see a line inside for this seating. We only waited five minutes for the line to be led into the theatre and soon learned it was not a sold out show but getting there early did allow us a good choice of seats.

It would not have mattered much , however, because each row is hugely roomy for the servers to get around and each seat swivels and rocks so a comfortable seat and viewing experience can be had by all. I would say that the theatre itself is a normal size, but with the large rows and seats, probably has half the capacity of a normal theatre. 

These are large leather recliners, people.

The wait staff wants to get you started right away so there is not much messing about once the show starts, so we ordered, ate, and were almost finished by the end of the previews. The waiter came back to check on us at least three more times for drinks and table clearing. Very attentive. 

This may have worked to our disadvantage, as I feel like with kids, chomping away is what distracts them from getting restless. We did need to sit on laps for the last thirty minutes of the movie. But that was about 2 1/2 hours and two entire full-sized Monsters Milkshakes into the whole experience, so you cannot beat that with two four and a half year olds. 
In fact I attribute the Monster Milkshake to the little girl's complete meltdown outside the theatre when we were walking back to the car. Or, in her case, sliding and crying and stomping back to the car. She didn't know why she was crying, we didn't know why she was crying, and certainly everyone else in the lifestyle center didn't know why she was crying. But a good show of the magical powers of sugar was enjoyed by all within 1000 feet of us. 

This almost ruined daddy's beloved movie experience, but I think I convinced him of the milkshake factor. There were plenty of times I looked down the row of our four chairs to see him laughing. The movie itself was as extremely witty and entertaining as the first Monsters Inc movie. [There is a scary character, but nothing like Brave.] But then again, we were the couple without kids in the theatre to see Finding Nemo, so, you know, we're dorks for that stuff.

We would definitely do this for a date night! The prices and food were fine (on par with Fridays, maybe even a step up), and there is even a bar in the lobby for drinks before your movie. You'd save an hour or two of babysitter time by doing both the dinner and movie at the same time. You can also order drinks during the movie, and you know I wanted that signature cocktail or some kind of super sized beer that I saw? 

But not with the kids, right?
I mean, it was only 1 pm....
And it was "family time"...
And no one was melting down..
Well, not at the time the menu was presented to me...
But it was dark, no one would see...
But I'm in training mode...weight loss mode...no need for the super beer...
Save it for date night. 
Or after we get home. 

Post meltdown. 

Computer at the ready, new post open...

You're welcome.


  1. Double date night in our future?? Dying to try this place out!

  2. Wow that theater looks amazing! They just redid a movie theater near us which has leather reclining seats, I have been itching to try it!

    1. Yes it is bringing the movie theatre back to our lives...make it cushy for us!!!

  3. OMG I am dying to take the kids to a movie! I think we are going to brave it this summer although they are only 2.5 years old - I def am worried it could be a disaster. But there is a cute movie coming out about a snail and how fast he wants to go - it's coming out this summer. That's our choice :)
    Anyway, so happy you found my blog! Love hearing from other twin moms. Your kids are adorable BTW!

    1. Oh thanks for stopping by!! I love your blog. I think you could make it if you try to minimize the time in the seats (skipping the previews) and bring lots of snacks!!


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