Saturday, July 6, 2013

Another running date, another Tim, and oh yeah, by the way, "I'm a mom"

Just three days after my mountain run with my sister-in-law, I found myself at the beach running with my father! I've never had running dates before. This is fun!

So my father lives in my hometown where the best times are found at the beach. He knew I'd be training this week so he asked to run with me if it wouldn't mess with my training too much. 

Oh absolutely not! I'm slow, try to remember, and also a bit lazy. So if someone is meeting me all the more motivation to actually get the running shoes on in the morning! Perfect. 

He likes to run at the beach, mentioned it is best at low tide, and sometimes even runs without shoes for an extra workout. He also directed me to start against the wind, so you could enjoy a little boost when you turn around and head back with the wind. 

"Against the wind" [music playing in your head now.]

Very nice. It was not too sunny and hot (rare in Florida), and we did enjoy at least a 30-second-per-mile boost in pace on the way back. I chatted his ears off as he said he was struggling to get back up to pace after a hiatus, and I was not hurting yet.

He's getting started early because we would like to do the River Run together in 2014.

Chatting plus flat-as-a-pancake out-and-back for thirty minutes equaled cake for me? Really? Am I really that much more fit this season? Or is it the weight loss? It's gotta be the weight loss. [I've lost another 5 pounds since Broad Street, by the way...woop woop!]

Well, also, seriously, I do live in a hilly area so flat usually only happens on the TM. 

So when he was done at 30 minutes, we said our byes and I decided to do a little more! I ran the other way down the beach. No wonder I decided to do more...we were with the wind this way, so I was feeling like nothing could stop me. So of course I went out a little too far and was not loving the windy return, but I wasn't dying either. A nice little beach 10k to start my day! Not too shabby.
(I did add the extra .2 after I took this pic - it was back up to the road.)

I'll tell you what's also not too shabby...I rounded the corner off the beach and this guy says "Good morning" to me so nice and Florida-like. 

And I respond with:

"Um. I'm going to have to take your picture now."

Actually I think I said:

"Um. I'm going to have to take my picture with you now."

Because it's Tim Deegan. Local Weather Man.  Mentioned in previous blog post. Shhh. That's all.

I start to explain to him I live in Philly now and grew up in Jax, etc, and he chats with me about him growing up in Wilmington, Delaware, not far from Philly...

Uh, oh, I'm chatting too much...not quite as cringe-worthy as my Timothy Hutton story, but [oh em gee what is with celebrities named TIM?!]

Tell him I'm training for a half-ironman and he chats about his triathlon days (oh I know all about them Tim)...

I apologize because I just realized I'm a sweaty mess and asked to take my picture with him and he was freshly showered and I literally think he said, as the surfer that he is, 

"Oh no worries."


But then, the clincher of the story is, he asked what I do up there in Philly, and I immediately, unabashedly and without cringe, but maybe even with a little smile and twinge of pride, responded: 

"I'm a mom."

Yeah, I think that's the first time I said that like that.

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  1. That's awesome. We should all shout it out like that. Just a few years ago, I started with "I'm a mom!" when people asked me what I did. It's my best job yet! Hope you're enjoying your trip back home for a bit xo


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