Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tour de Cure Ride Pace Analysis

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Getting a little bloggy on you, but I just wanted to record my pace calculations from the Tour de Cure last Saturday for future reference as I prepare for my first Half-Ironman on September 8th.[That's what a blog is for, right?!]

There were a lot of stoplights, and group dynamics in the beginning, and of course, I took 2 long rests (15-20 minutes for the first, 20-25 minutes for the second), and one short rest with my thigh-turned-stone muscle cramp [I just wrote 'musical' freudian lol] at mile 60 for 5 extra minutes.
I’m going to take out those rests, but keep in the stops for stop lights and group dynamics to gauge my pacing, because I honestly did not stop otherwise. I. kept. riding!!

Even with stoplights and group dynamics, I was excited to see 16.1 mph pace for my first 27 miles on my Garmin. That was very refreshing for me, as I struggle to maintain that pace on my flattest stretches of the Schuylkill River trail by myself. But I was trying to stay ‘with the pack’ before my first rest, and lo and behold, it fueled quite an impressive pace for me. I can’t tell if this will help me or not during the Half Ironman in September. Sometimes in triathlons you are with a lot of people, sometimes you are ahead of people, sometimes you are way behind the real athletes [ahem]…it depends on whether or not there is a wave start, or how many people are in the race in total…and whether or not you had just come off your first cruise [ahem #2.]

In the first half I averaged over 20 mph in 4 of the 27 miles.

 27 miles in 1:39:07 = 16.4 mph

Obviously my pace dropped off for the second half. It was getting closer to 10 am, the 90 degree heat was setting in, and the group was thinning out more. I found a few duos to hang with for awhile, but I would either end up passing them or they would fly ahead.
“Rabbitses”, I thought, like a Hobbit…
always needing someone to chase…
In the second half [37.5 of the 64.5 miles] my highest pace was 21.9 mph at mile 33 and second highest was 17.3 mph at mile 47. Other than that, it’s pretty shitty. My proudest moment was to see that the final mile I averaged 16 mph even. I’m always trying to understand what ‘leaving it all out there’ is, so at least I stepped up the finish.

37.5 miles in 2:46:59 = 13.5 mph
Altogether, that makes:
64.5 miles in 4:26:06 = 14.6 mph

I’ve mentioned those second half hills were *rough*, but I also need some more experience at longer distances [I had never ridden past 45 miles prior to Saturday.]
I’m also going to get out to my half-iron bike course sometime this month, maybe even twice this month, and give it a once-over. Staying close to home here in Bryn Mawr, there are plenty of hills to practice on if I need to…and hopefully I can pleasantly surprise myself on race day with a 16 mph pace over 56 *flat* miles. [make them flat, please!?!]

Oh – Yep, I guess that’s my previously unarticulated goal.
[That would make my biking portion of the Half-Iron 3:30.]
Who knew I had one?!

Oh, P.S. I remember hitting 56 miles on Saturday at 2:11 in the second half, so if you add 1:39 + 2:11 = 3:50 for my first 56 mile bike ride. So I’m trying to shave 20 minutes off of this, my first attempt at that distance. No biggie, right?!?

Do you have an unarticulated goal you would like to articulate? No judgements!!

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