Sunday, June 23, 2013

Second week of training: better on the bike

Originally posted on June 23, 2013 on and now re-posting to blogspot.
Quick & Dirty
  • Was able to fit in two rides on the actual bike; not just spin
  • Fit in a longer bike ride
  • Two short swims, still no time for a long one
  • Ran speed intervals and fit in a mini brick
  • Body adjusting; finally feel like training has ‘started’
Long & Painful
So I had the same design as week 1:
  • 2 swims (1 long, 1 short & fast)
  • 2 bikes (1 long, 1 short & fast)
  • 1 run (medium)
  • 1 strength
  • 1 yoga
I accomplished:
  • 2 swims (both short & steady)
  • 2 bikes (1 long, 1 short & fast & hilly as h-e-l-l)
  • 2 runs (1 sprint intervals, 1 mini-brick)
  • 1 strength
  • 1 stretch session
So overall, my body is starting to realize that something has changed. My thighs are burning more with each workout, and my heart is asking for more. I’m excited.
I’m not getting any faster, but I’m excited.
This next week is going to be a challenge because the kids are no longer in camp, and I’m headed to visit my brother’s house in the Catskills. Wonder if I should take my bike? Nah, I get enough hills around here. I think my plan was to continue to up my biking. But I may just up my running a little. Figured I’d just get some good runs in while I’m there, but then my sister-in-law posted this:
Ummmmmm….it’s going to be a tough week going outside at ALL!!!
Maybe I’ll have to fit in some 6 am spin classes this week before we go…
I’m actually surprising myself that I’m itching for a double-digit run. That’s actually how I like to train – feel it in my bones…
“feeling it” ; “not in it for speed”; “just want to finish”; “upping my fitness each year”…
Guess I should change my blog name?
Also itching to see how my friend’s husband does in #IMCDA today, and am tracking him online. Obsess much?? I guess I’m just a fan, at the end of the day.
How about you? What should your blog name be this week??

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