Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Oil can"

originally posted on June 19, 2013on and re-posting on blogspot.
And you can quote me:
“Being a mom is like being the Tin Man. You feel rusty and stiff all the time. But then somebody special comes around and squirts some oil on your head and you remember you have a brain.”
Ok maybe I’m getting the characters mixed up but people, I have had some oil squirted on my head recently, and I can say this for sure: it feels good. It feels real good.

I was feeling really “D) all of the above” or “E) none of the above” lately. Meaning, I’m too scattered. I need to choose something. I need to stop being involved in so many things. Things driven by me. Things in which I’m not really an expert, at which I’m not really that good. I feel like something has to give. I read about ‘expanding the blog base by being an expert’… My laundry room really could use an overhaul. There’s no reason I can’t teach my little girl to read right now. She wants it. And the music lessons…well we have skipped right from scales to composition, and I need to reign the children back in at some point.

So one of the oil-squirters got me wearing my old ‘day job’ hat for a hot minute. And it was *hot*. I remember when I first got that last day job of mine, before the twyns, and how easy everything came to me when I didn’t have to dress the part, say the right monologue and sing the right vocal range. Oh yeah, and sing a high C while changing into cowboy boots and suspenders backstage. Actually, performing was never that hard for me. Getting the gig, of course, is always the bulk of the work. And that work is tiring and disheartening. Pushing paper around, having meetings, talking to people who want to be talking to me and making up pretty brochures: piece o’ funfetti vanilla cake.

The other oil-squirter has me in artist-mode. I’ll be composing some simple songs for her. It will be anything but simple. And it will be a year in the oven, cooking and stewing and getting rich. And it will be good.

Actually, come to think of it, I get a daily oil-squirting from my fellow workout mommies. It must be the kind of oil that wears off, because we keep going back for more…and more…and MORE torture. When are my arms going to look like this????


But it all boils down to this: we still have a brain, mommies. We still have a brain. We may be wrapped up in the physicality and limitations of sleep habits, good nutrition, disciplinary action, behavioral issues, little budding friendships, potential therapy we may be inducing now and years from now, educational programming both electronic and via books?!, play-dates and birthday parties, but we. have. sustainable. brain. power!!

It’s just lurking beneath the surface, behind that mommy voice and smile.

Let the brain out!! Squirt some oil. Just for a minute or two a day. Now breathe. Ahhhh……

I may not be able to choose one thing right now, but that’s why I had twyns.

Boom. You’re welcome.

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