Saturday, June 29, 2013

Multiple Blog Disorder

"I think I maybe think too much"

Ok I think I have a chance to have it all.

What I liked about WordPress: LOOK/DESIGN

  • A lot of plugins start there and for that community so some of the design elements are on the 'cutting edge.' This includes the 'simple share' buttons I enjoyed on my wordpress blog.
  • The free, simple templates are, overall, much 'cleaner' looking.
  • The iPhone app was easier to use and publish with. I also liked the 'chime' notification when I received a blog comment, or reply to a comment I posted on another blog in my WP reader.
  • photo quality is better. How is this possible? Blogger must condense the images even though I don't tell them to.
  • Forced me to learn Photoshop elements. 
  • People tend to 'respect' WP bloggers and dot com's more. For what it's worth...

What I like about Blogger: FUNCTIONALITY

  • SEARCH. OPTIMIZATION. I'm sure I'm jumping the gun here, because my WP blog might still come around after its initial 4-6 week hazing in the search engine world, but doesn't it make sense that a Google product will show up better/easier in Google searches? I will continue to monitor the site stats for my WP site to see what may develop, but the difference in traffic is no comparison.
  • faster loading. This may be due to the [dot] com add-on and hosting, but Blogger and its images are never slow. I mentioned above that they may condense the images even though I try to avoid this.
  • Not losing my previous posts. Switching between either format, you can export your posts and content, but the 'link within' [the little suggestions at the end of each post] and the tags [in Blogger world we call them labels, not categories and tags which doesn't make any sense; why. are. there. two?] do not compile into the export. This may happen eventually naturally as you back-log, but that's a lot of work for a small blog like mine. Also, your internal links within each post would obviously need to be updated by hand. The transfer is not seamless. A good reason to make your choice upfront, regardless of [dot] com or not, that you choose the format for Blogger or WordPress first.
  • Adding advertising and linking it with Google AdSense (which is connected to my YouTube account) is super simple. Duh. Another Google Product.
  • Google photo editing is nice. Plenty for a small blogger. You can access this through your gmail account/Google Plus and upload photos, choose not to share them, and then edit and play with them privately. Not that I'm not happy I learned PhotoShop Elements now. It's definitely better, but I was happy being lulled into submission with Google photo editing.

Item #1
  • I still have because it was transferred to me by my dad in my fit of craziness. That didn't work. Now he's working on transferring the hosting to Blogger.
Item #2
  • Might have figured out how to make my Blogger blog look like my WP blog
Item #Critical
  • Not losing my tags, traffic, internal links, and fun that I've had since.

Its June 29th. If you are following me closely enough to recall, I have been playing at using a WordPress interface. I wasn't happy. 

The Wordpress design quality is truly beautiful. So I'm trying to incorporate that here. For free. There are certainly additional Blogger templates available for a small one time fee that I could venture into as well. Endless coding and customization can be found here as well as on WordPress.

If I do decide I want a [dot] com I can purchase the domain and hosting and transfer it directly through Google again. Or head on back to WordPress - but the hosting would be through a third-party site, not through WordPress.
The blog is down, the day is done.
Tomorrow is another one.
From blogger to Wordpress,
To dot com and that mess,
I have a little stress,
I confess.
[you may have seen this Seuss-y hymn earlier this week on my Facebook page]

The reason I'm going back and forth and stressing is that I actually enjoy my little diary here, and like most hobbies in my husband's and my world, we try to do as much as we can ourselves and, of course, for free. It took a year for me to convince him I needed a gym membership - his response was always, "there's your running shoes, there's the door." I kind of agree with him, actually, now that I'm on the other side of the training world...but of course I'm now addicted to spin class!

So I need to get back to blogging about my half-Ironman training, my composition project, and my marketing project and, of course, how awesome I am.

Oh yeah, and those twyns

But I'm disappointed because I felt that the beginning of the summer and my birthday launch was perfect timing to attract new subscribers, maybe considering to start paying to promote my site for people to follow my half Ironman journey...

Of course I'm not just my half Ironman. I have a lot of things always going on and I need to think about what the blog as always does for me just having that diary is what helps me get through, and work through my days.

I could've spent the $170 to self host and I could've redesigned and rebuilt my WordPress website within an hour or two however that didn't solve the problem of my search optimization problem and also the Internet links from the previous 10 months of my blog posts.

I understand that if I want to build my brand I should move to a dot com and the WordPress site is more respected however I'd rather spend that $170 on advertising and see how far I could get with my Blogspot.

But then again, maybe I will have it all: WordPress-look, Blogger function, dot com respect...

I'll keep you "posted" [ha ha] of course...


  1. Blogger is where its at!! I've gotta join the party...

    1. Seriously!! I mean, Mama Laughlin's still on Blogger...Tenor Dad...all the big ones ;)

  2. Thanks for the comparison! I've always wondered what the difference was but didn't want to set up 2 different blogs to find out. I'll live vicariously through you for that :) I'm still satisfied with WordPress, but I know who to go to for blogging advice.


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