Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's been a long courtship for me: National Running Day

originally posted on June 5, 2013 on and re-posting to blogspot.
Happy National Running Day!

Nope, didn’t run.


It’s been a long, rocky relationship between me and running.

I think we broke up, like, 40 times…

I remember having to round my high school parking lot like 20 times in order to hit 1 mile, and I did it in like just under the Presidential requirement of like 13 minutes or something.

So I’d safely say I was “below average.”

And I didn’t give one Emma Stone about it.
[I think I stopped to audition for the school play or something in the middle of it anyways.]

So then college came around, I studied abroad in the home of poffertjes and olliebollen and gained the sophomore *30*. I came home, started taking a weight-lifting class and running to and from the Lincoln Memorial beforehand. I was very proud of those 2 miles. But I never did more than that.

Heading towards my 30th birthday, I decided to challenge myself with a triathlon. Didn’t have a bike. Hadn’t run a mile in years. Hadn’t swum since high school swim team. But I wanted to do it.

Cuz?  I don’t know why.

I started running on the treadmill on New Years Day, and my birthday and the triathlon were in May.
And….it totally took me that long to get comfortable running 3 miles without stopping.


And now I’m planning on running a half-marathon after biking 56 miles which will be after swimming 1.2 miles?


Or, just simply tri nerd.

You see, I’ve grown accustomed to this relationship.

The same boyfriend who made me feel all jiggly and fat and say how in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks are your feet not going to break underneath all this weight!?

Is the same one who’s like gurrrrrl you are totally rocking this pace and your a$$ is all hard from these hills and you can run like 10 miles more if you want to!

I still can’t say I like him, but awww heck, I love him.


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