Monday, June 10, 2013

Half Ironman training begins this week

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So you know yesterday was my daughter’s first dance recital and I’d rather talk about this…


But…I’m 13 weeks out to September 8th. So gotta get semi-serious.

I’ve been looking at Matt Lieto’s plan (10~20 hours per week) and Beginner Triathlete’s plan(7~10 hours per week). They are both 20 weeks, but I’m basically cutting out one ‘easy base’ or build cycle. I’ve been building, believe me…I would be starting at week 8.

So I’ll use these to create my plan. The one that I know will work for me…Cuz I swim alright, biking’s getting better, and SUCK at running, especially after the previous two. And I’m slow and mom-ing is my first priority and Matt Lieto doesn’t need to do what I do after he does what he does so it’s different, dude. It just is.

So last Fall I started focusing on running more…And I’ve basically stopped swimming altogether. For my month-long 140.6 in March, I did the 2.4 miles in two sessions. I really could swim all day. We’ll test that theory out next month at the Steelman 5k swim. One of my friends asked me:
“How do you train for that?”
Oh! Good question! I don’t. Durn, guess I should start swimming again. I reassured her that it is a 1.5 mile loop, so if I’m totally losing my sh** after the first loop I can just *stop.* 1.5 miles is usually not hard for me. I mean, I don’t swim fast, duh…I just start swimming, steer clear of kicking, and 1-2-3-breathe until they tell me to stop. I think I can swim a 35 minute mile, so I would strive for 3 x 40 minute miles if possible. Oh there I did it again! A previously unarticulated goal. Wow. I didn’t really think I cared about numbers. Hm. I have tried to ‘up my game’ on the swim many times to no avail. Where is that extra 5 minutes going to help me? It’s not.

God bless my shoulders – they are so excited not to hold my boobs up during the swim they carry my body all around the lake without complaining.

So that swim will complete my ‘reverse order tri challenge’ I inadvertently gave myself for this summer: I did the Broad Street 10-miler May 5, the Tour de Cure 65-mile ride June 1, and then the swim will be July 14. This way I will have met a nice long distance at each sport, coupled with some single-sport-focus weeks leading up to each.

I’ve also experienced some back pain/spasms (mostly lower, but also upper) as of late and tight hamstrings, so:
I need to incorporate some strength training and yoga in my plan.

Oh yeah, and the run is a trail run for this 70.3, so I need to hit some of those!! Urgh! Eek! Easy or hard, easy or hard, easy? or harrrrd?!?!

Oh, and weight loss. I’m incorporating that into my training this year, and I am the lightest I’ve been going into a season and I think it is already paying off. If I’m not successful in my training on any given week, I feel like if I lose a pound, I’m still making strides towards my goal.
Oh, and I’m not fast. In fact, I’m slow. I’m not training for speed or to get faster. Just adding the longer distance.

Just want that 70.3 sticker on my bumper.

Hopefully I will not finish last. But obviously I’m not a planner, so on any given day I may choose a different sport (hence the reason I love triathlon) due to weather or time or desire. So this plan is loose, and I’ll report back what I actually did. If you care to have read this far!! ;)

Week 1
2 swims (1 long, 1 short & fast)
2 bikes (1 long, 1 short & fast)
1 run (medium)
1 yoga
1 strength

Week 2

Week 3
2 swims (1 long, 1 short & fast)
3 bikes (2 short, 1 long)
2 runs (1 long, 1 short & fast)
1 yoga
1 strength

Week 4 “Recovery”
1 long swim
1 long bike
1 long run
1 yoga
1 strength
That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far ;)
Ya with me!?

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