Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun for Friday: Random Questions

originally posted on June 7, 2013 on and re-posting on blogspot.
1. I still have several pairs of the disposable underwear they gave me for postpartum recovery. Why? And do I throw them away? Would these not be useful on a camping trip or tour through Asia that I may or may not be invited to? P.S. I hate camping.

2. If I’ve had a rough day and choose to forego the drink I earned at the end of said rough day, can I choose to partake first thing the next morning when the circumstances dictate?

3. If it’s so blatantly obvious that the preschool teacher did all the work for the “project” my child so lovingly “created”, why do I feel guilty throwing it away? Why are half of the projects still on the dining room table? What are they waiting for? And why does this not apply to the necklaces that I covet and growl at the children whenever they want to take them down off my place-of-honor [the bathroom mirror] and wear them? They clearly belong in a safety deposit box. Why?

4. Am I supposed to do a will? Really? When? Are the children going to end up in foster care if I don’t? Is this too serious a question for a random-question-fun-for-Friday-post on my

5. Why did I move to a .com?

6. Why when I decide to go ‘wheat-free’ for a week does everyone suddenly make me cupcakes? And why does this contribute to my husband’s weight loss but not mine? Oh, that one I can answer…

7. Drinking alone. Stigma, no stigma? But the children are upstairs sleeping. Does that count as not being alone or does that up the sadness factor?

8. Am I really going to do a Half-Iron distance race? By myself? Again, why?

9. Why does it make me so happy that my garbage and recycle men so gentlemanly take my empty canisters back up the driveway? Why do I see this as chivalrous? Why is the garbage the last frontier of man vs woman for me?

10. Why is this, depending on the moment of ask, either the single most adorable thing ever and I want to print it up in one of those sticky wall decals and lovingly smooth it on the wall over my front door or single most f**ken annoying thing I’ve ever heard in my life and make me want to pummel my head in with the meat cleaver I use to crush ice with:
“I want some crushed up ice with no water,
and water, with no ice.”
What about you?
Random question running through your mind that you need to get out?

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