Sunday, June 30, 2013

Free yoga outside in St. David's Park

According to my handy-dandy-trusty TwynMawrMom Half-Iron training plan, I need to do yoga at least once a week.

It's the end of week 3, and I've managed to do exactly one session today

As I mentioned, I did actually practice some yoga and deep stretching in the past few weeks, because:
  • I needed it, and because
  • my lower back has been killing me [desperately need core work!]
But as the yoga teacher mentioned today, there's nothing like the practice of yoga, especially led by someone else, to get you in the mindset of yoga, which is listening to the body, and which is actually the most important result of the practice.

I'm on the e-newsletter list for City Sports in Wayne, so they sent me the invitation for today's session at 10 am. These will be continuing every Sunday until July 21st! We met at the storefront and walked to St. David's Park just down the street. There were about 10 of us. Um, I didn't even know this cute little park was right there on Lancaster Ave!

So it got a little hot and humid, but that definitely gave a little Bikram-feel to the whole thing, and that was not a bad thing. It also made me feel justified in wearing my cute little shorty-shorts hubby said I'm "actually pulling off" these days!

There were times I couldn't hear the teacher, times I couldn't keep my eyes open if we were staring in the direction of the sun, and times a grumbling truck interrupted my flow. 

But there were also the benefits of forced focus within, receiving a little visit from a bumblebee on my mat, touching the grass, practicing better balance on the Earth itself, and thankfulness for the company under nothing but the trees and sky.

I needed that. 

And I'm ready for week 4 of training!

Recap of Week 3: 
  • 1 long swim
  • 1 long-ish, hilly run [my sister-in-law's regular route in the Mountains, post forthcoming]
  • 1 long yoga practice
So that means I missed
  • any biking
  • any speed work
I might flip weeks 3 and 4 in my training, and go for a lot more running and swimming this upcoming week while I'm traveling. After all, the 5k swim is the next-up event, and I actually could use the focus!!
Have you ever had a great, unexpected workout outside? 
Are you one of those crazy Tai-Chi people in Central Park? 
MORE IMPORTANTLY: Are you joining me next Sunday??

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