Saturday, June 15, 2013

First week of training FAIL

Like the U.S. Open, I’ve been thwarted by the rain.

And the U.S. Open.

No, I’m not going to make excuses…I’ll just record what I did get done…

But it’s funny how when you actually set your mind to something you are reminded why the title of “mom” changes eh.very.thing. And why my eyes are always bigger than my stomach…or in this case, arms and legs…

Quick & Dirty:
Remember my plan for this week:
  • 2 swims (1 long, 1 short),
  • 2 bikes (1 long, 1 short),
  • 1 run (medium),
  • 1 yoga,
  • 1 strength.
I did:
  • 2 swims (1 short, 1 short)
  • 2 bikes (1 short, 1 short)
  • 1 run (medium)
  • 1 15 minute stretch
  • 1 strength
Detailed version:

Day 1: Strength -training class with my bestie. TOUGH. A great way to start out the week because it kept my muscles fatigued all week, but my right bicep balled up on the floor like it had been violated. Ran a mile before-hand. Counts as short run?

Day 2: Stuck in U.S. Open traffic on the way to the gym where I was planning on yoga class then long swim. Stared like a creeper into the yoga class to make sure it was yoga, and was not invited in as I was already 15 mins late, so headed to the pool. It was crowded, so I ran a mile on the TM first then only had time for 25 mins of swimming . Not quite a mile. Blah. Bicep still tight.

Day 3 : Stuck at home waiting for washer repair guy. At 8 am, I’m dressed and ready. At 9 am, push the kids out of the house. At 10 am, thinking I can still get a nice bike in. At 11 am, hoping to run the 3 mile loop still…At 12 have to pick up kids and washer repair guy still not here. GRRRRRRRR. Mama not happy. Guy gets there at 2 PM (4 hour window and you can’t make it? Really??), and we head to errands and bday party at 3. No energy at 7 to redeem day. GRRRRRRR. Twyn-BEAR-mom. Nada. Goose-egg. Annnnd….still can’t extend my right arm all the way. Is this a problem I need to address?

Day 4 : Had coordinated a long bike with bestie and another mom to pick up kids from camp. Torrential downpour ensues. Head to gym for 5 mile run on TM (bor-ing but nice pace!) and swim 1 mile. A bit redeemed…but still no bike! Managed to fit in the last massage of my membership, however. That didn’t hurt.

Day 5: Another rainy morning, so I headed to spin class. I do really like that teacher. Log it as 15 miles. Forced myself not to bring any other gear into the gym (#trinerd). Ended up getting a last minute hair appointment for me and little girl, so she got her first haircut! What? So that’s cute.

BTW, this is when my right bicep finally started feeling normal again.

Day 6 : Totally unmotivated to bike the hills around my house, or take the time to drive to the trail, but still needing a long bike…just let the spin teacher take the reigns. She starts class by saying, “We are working on our endurance!” Right. Yes. We ARE. Didn’t get a long bike, but the legs sure feel like they did…Made myself stretch for 15 minutes after class, a good, long, yoga-like stretch session. [15 minutes is long in my life]. I think this is a good item to incorporate into my routine. If I don’t have time to stretch every day and/or if I miss yoga, at least end my week with a minimum of that 15 minutes.

I can’t say this was a very inspiring start to my training. I forgot how tiring it is to get back into it; how much life gets in the way; how unmotivated I am to wake up early or put in the long hours of biking. I also gained 2 pounds. Clearly immediate muscle mass gain?

With the way this week went, I’m never doing an Ironman. I can’t even keep up with Half-Iron training! Ugh. #Firstworldproblems as they say…

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