Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby Shower Guest Book Quilt

Kinda proud of this one...


The idea and the way it turned out.
Quick & Dirty
  • Subway tile pattern, 5" x 7" blocks [mine has 11 horizontal rows by 6 tiles wide]
  • Piece horizontal 'base' rows together first
  • Create 'flaps' by tripling up the cuts of the solid color squares you will be using as your 'message' rectangles and sew on three sides; leave the fourth side open.
  • Turn the flaps right-side out.
  • Pin the flaps along the finished horizontal rows [the fourth open side is on the top of its matching solid-colored block] and sew in as you attach each row.
  • Sew together all 11 horizontal rows with matching flaps.
  • Add borders; mine measure 6" wide.
  • Assemble quilt sandwich [I use spray basting].
  • When quilting, start on horizontal rows at center, then finish around the borders.
  • Finished quilt measures approximately 54" wide by 67" high.
  • This allows for 20 'hidden' flaps for messages; 40 if you allow guests to write messages on the 'tops' of the flaps out in the open!
The Story
I love a good baby shower. And you know I love a good baby quilt. My husband's family is welcoming their first great-grandchild, and at Easter I immediately tried to explain to the new grandmother-to-be how I could provide 'blank' quilt blocks (either in muslin or solid white) for the guests to decorate at the shower and/or write a note to baby and/or sign their name. I would then collect the blocks and assemble them into a loving quilt for the baby. Easy, peasy, right??

Well, I did not make my idea clear. I've made these 'blank-block' quilts a few times now, especially in my playgroups (which is super fun, because you can even get the older kids in the group to help decorate.) I once made one for my quilter guru/bestie who had many quilter friends, and we enjoyed attaching fabric appliques that matched the baby's bedding-to-be and it was glorious and understood! However, for a modern babe, the finished quilt can be a bit 'quilt-y' looking: a bunch of 8 x 8 blocks separated with print sashing and matching print borders. All in all, it's still a wonderful way to surround the new baby with love.

So I let it go. I did not hear from grandmother-to-be.

2 weeks before the shower, I then heard from my mother-in-law, that they were expecting this 'quilt.'
What - the what - now?
Not to be called unreliable, I set about designing a pre-made quilt I could send to New York that could satisfy my needs of showcasing a creative piece of loving messages and that could still satisfy their needs of not making anyone be creative on the spot (or understand what this crazy quilter lady was talking about.)

The idea was to allow guests to sign underneath a flap in permanent fabric pens (which I sent along with), thus giving the baby something to flippity-flap about when he is able, and something for mom-to-be to read through when she is up for 48 hours straight and lost all sense of hope.
 You know, a keepsake.
I've heard it went over well! The colors are the same palette as the invitation and the baby's room. I, unfortunately, was not able to attend the shower as it ended up being the same day as my Tour de Cure ride. So my mother-in-law felt tasked to getting everyone to sign it. So I can only hope it didn't require too much explanation. I did add this framed message:
Lift a flap, write a note, or word to baby -
or simply sign your name so -
Loved ones will always be near.
I think it would make a great Wedding GuestBook Quilt, too. 
But you know, I'm a quilter, so....I love that sh**.

I actually added this to my ETSY shop, just for fun...
And someone added it to their treasury!
The colors are quite in-the-now...

So...did you have a unique guest book for your wedding? 
We actually were the era of 'polaroids' in a scrapbook - so guests signed next to their photos.
No one really wants to write a lengthy message, too much pressure to be witty...
But the photos are great. See who came in with who - who was dating who -
good times.

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  1. Such a cool idea! We are planning do have a book printed of photos before the wedding to use as a guestbook!


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