Sunday, June 30, 2013

Free yoga outside in St. David's Park

According to my handy-dandy-trusty TwynMawrMom Half-Iron training plan, I need to do yoga at least once a week.

It's the end of week 3, and I've managed to do exactly one session today

As I mentioned, I did actually practice some yoga and deep stretching in the past few weeks, because:
  • I needed it, and because
  • my lower back has been killing me [desperately need core work!]
But as the yoga teacher mentioned today, there's nothing like the practice of yoga, especially led by someone else, to get you in the mindset of yoga, which is listening to the body, and which is actually the most important result of the practice.

I'm on the e-newsletter list for City Sports in Wayne, so they sent me the invitation for today's session at 10 am. These will be continuing every Sunday until July 21st! We met at the storefront and walked to St. David's Park just down the street. There were about 10 of us. Um, I didn't even know this cute little park was right there on Lancaster Ave!

So it got a little hot and humid, but that definitely gave a little Bikram-feel to the whole thing, and that was not a bad thing. It also made me feel justified in wearing my cute little shorty-shorts hubby said I'm "actually pulling off" these days!

There were times I couldn't hear the teacher, times I couldn't keep my eyes open if we were staring in the direction of the sun, and times a grumbling truck interrupted my flow. 

But there were also the benefits of forced focus within, receiving a little visit from a bumblebee on my mat, touching the grass, practicing better balance on the Earth itself, and thankfulness for the company under nothing but the trees and sky.

I needed that. 

And I'm ready for week 4 of training!

Recap of Week 3: 
  • 1 long swim
  • 1 long-ish, hilly run [my sister-in-law's regular route in the Mountains, post forthcoming]
  • 1 long yoga practice
So that means I missed
  • any biking
  • any speed work
I might flip weeks 3 and 4 in my training, and go for a lot more running and swimming this upcoming week while I'm traveling. After all, the 5k swim is the next-up event, and I actually could use the focus!!
Have you ever had a great, unexpected workout outside? 
Are you one of those crazy Tai-Chi people in Central Park? 
MORE IMPORTANTLY: Are you joining me next Sunday??

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Multiple Blog Disorder

"I think I maybe think too much"

Ok I think I have a chance to have it all.

What I liked about WordPress: LOOK/DESIGN

  • A lot of plugins start there and for that community so some of the design elements are on the 'cutting edge.' This includes the 'simple share' buttons I enjoyed on my wordpress blog.
  • The free, simple templates are, overall, much 'cleaner' looking.
  • The iPhone app was easier to use and publish with. I also liked the 'chime' notification when I received a blog comment, or reply to a comment I posted on another blog in my WP reader.
  • photo quality is better. How is this possible? Blogger must condense the images even though I don't tell them to.
  • Forced me to learn Photoshop elements. 
  • People tend to 'respect' WP bloggers and dot com's more. For what it's worth...

What I like about Blogger: FUNCTIONALITY

  • SEARCH. OPTIMIZATION. I'm sure I'm jumping the gun here, because my WP blog might still come around after its initial 4-6 week hazing in the search engine world, but doesn't it make sense that a Google product will show up better/easier in Google searches? I will continue to monitor the site stats for my WP site to see what may develop, but the difference in traffic is no comparison.
  • faster loading. This may be due to the [dot] com add-on and hosting, but Blogger and its images are never slow. I mentioned above that they may condense the images even though I try to avoid this.
  • Not losing my previous posts. Switching between either format, you can export your posts and content, but the 'link within' [the little suggestions at the end of each post] and the tags [in Blogger world we call them labels, not categories and tags which doesn't make any sense; why. are. there. two?] do not compile into the export. This may happen eventually naturally as you back-log, but that's a lot of work for a small blog like mine. Also, your internal links within each post would obviously need to be updated by hand. The transfer is not seamless. A good reason to make your choice upfront, regardless of [dot] com or not, that you choose the format for Blogger or WordPress first.
  • Adding advertising and linking it with Google AdSense (which is connected to my YouTube account) is super simple. Duh. Another Google Product.
  • Google photo editing is nice. Plenty for a small blogger. You can access this through your gmail account/Google Plus and upload photos, choose not to share them, and then edit and play with them privately. Not that I'm not happy I learned PhotoShop Elements now. It's definitely better, but I was happy being lulled into submission with Google photo editing.

Item #1
  • I still have because it was transferred to me by my dad in my fit of craziness. That didn't work. Now he's working on transferring the hosting to Blogger.
Item #2
  • Might have figured out how to make my Blogger blog look like my WP blog
Item #Critical
  • Not losing my tags, traffic, internal links, and fun that I've had since.

Its June 29th. If you are following me closely enough to recall, I have been playing at using a WordPress interface. I wasn't happy. 

The Wordpress design quality is truly beautiful. So I'm trying to incorporate that here. For free. There are certainly additional Blogger templates available for a small one time fee that I could venture into as well. Endless coding and customization can be found here as well as on WordPress.

If I do decide I want a [dot] com I can purchase the domain and hosting and transfer it directly through Google again. Or head on back to WordPress - but the hosting would be through a third-party site, not through WordPress.
The blog is down, the day is done.
Tomorrow is another one.
From blogger to Wordpress,
To dot com and that mess,
I have a little stress,
I confess.
[you may have seen this Seuss-y hymn earlier this week on my Facebook page]

The reason I'm going back and forth and stressing is that I actually enjoy my little diary here, and like most hobbies in my husband's and my world, we try to do as much as we can ourselves and, of course, for free. It took a year for me to convince him I needed a gym membership - his response was always, "there's your running shoes, there's the door." I kind of agree with him, actually, now that I'm on the other side of the training world...but of course I'm now addicted to spin class!

So I need to get back to blogging about my half-Ironman training, my composition project, and my marketing project and, of course, how awesome I am.

Oh yeah, and those twyns

But I'm disappointed because I felt that the beginning of the summer and my birthday launch was perfect timing to attract new subscribers, maybe considering to start paying to promote my site for people to follow my half Ironman journey...

Of course I'm not just my half Ironman. I have a lot of things always going on and I need to think about what the blog as always does for me just having that diary is what helps me get through, and work through my days.

I could've spent the $170 to self host and I could've redesigned and rebuilt my WordPress website within an hour or two however that didn't solve the problem of my search optimization problem and also the Internet links from the previous 10 months of my blog posts.

I understand that if I want to build my brand I should move to a dot com and the WordPress site is more respected however I'd rather spend that $170 on advertising and see how far I could get with my Blogspot.

But then again, maybe I will have it all: WordPress-look, Blogger function, dot com respect...

I'll keep you "posted" [ha ha] of course...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Second week of training: better on the bike

Originally posted on June 23, 2013 on and now re-posting to blogspot.
Quick & Dirty
  • Was able to fit in two rides on the actual bike; not just spin
  • Fit in a longer bike ride
  • Two short swims, still no time for a long one
  • Ran speed intervals and fit in a mini brick
  • Body adjusting; finally feel like training has ‘started’
Long & Painful
So I had the same design as week 1:
  • 2 swims (1 long, 1 short & fast)
  • 2 bikes (1 long, 1 short & fast)
  • 1 run (medium)
  • 1 strength
  • 1 yoga
I accomplished:
  • 2 swims (both short & steady)
  • 2 bikes (1 long, 1 short & fast & hilly as h-e-l-l)
  • 2 runs (1 sprint intervals, 1 mini-brick)
  • 1 strength
  • 1 stretch session
So overall, my body is starting to realize that something has changed. My thighs are burning more with each workout, and my heart is asking for more. I’m excited.
I’m not getting any faster, but I’m excited.
This next week is going to be a challenge because the kids are no longer in camp, and I’m headed to visit my brother’s house in the Catskills. Wonder if I should take my bike? Nah, I get enough hills around here. I think my plan was to continue to up my biking. But I may just up my running a little. Figured I’d just get some good runs in while I’m there, but then my sister-in-law posted this:
Ummmmmm….it’s going to be a tough week going outside at ALL!!!
Maybe I’ll have to fit in some 6 am spin classes this week before we go…
I’m actually surprising myself that I’m itching for a double-digit run. That’s actually how I like to train – feel it in my bones…
“feeling it” ; “not in it for speed”; “just want to finish”; “upping my fitness each year”…
Guess I should change my blog name?
Also itching to see how my friend’s husband does in #IMCDA today, and am tracking him online. Obsess much?? I guess I’m just a fan, at the end of the day.
How about you? What should your blog name be this week??

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Oil can"

originally posted on June 19, 2013on and re-posting on blogspot.
And you can quote me:
“Being a mom is like being the Tin Man. You feel rusty and stiff all the time. But then somebody special comes around and squirts some oil on your head and you remember you have a brain.”
Ok maybe I’m getting the characters mixed up but people, I have had some oil squirted on my head recently, and I can say this for sure: it feels good. It feels real good.

I was feeling really “D) all of the above” or “E) none of the above” lately. Meaning, I’m too scattered. I need to choose something. I need to stop being involved in so many things. Things driven by me. Things in which I’m not really an expert, at which I’m not really that good. I feel like something has to give. I read about ‘expanding the blog base by being an expert’… My laundry room really could use an overhaul. There’s no reason I can’t teach my little girl to read right now. She wants it. And the music lessons…well we have skipped right from scales to composition, and I need to reign the children back in at some point.

So one of the oil-squirters got me wearing my old ‘day job’ hat for a hot minute. And it was *hot*. I remember when I first got that last day job of mine, before the twyns, and how easy everything came to me when I didn’t have to dress the part, say the right monologue and sing the right vocal range. Oh yeah, and sing a high C while changing into cowboy boots and suspenders backstage. Actually, performing was never that hard for me. Getting the gig, of course, is always the bulk of the work. And that work is tiring and disheartening. Pushing paper around, having meetings, talking to people who want to be talking to me and making up pretty brochures: piece o’ funfetti vanilla cake.

The other oil-squirter has me in artist-mode. I’ll be composing some simple songs for her. It will be anything but simple. And it will be a year in the oven, cooking and stewing and getting rich. And it will be good.

Actually, come to think of it, I get a daily oil-squirting from my fellow workout mommies. It must be the kind of oil that wears off, because we keep going back for more…and more…and MORE torture. When are my arms going to look like this????


But it all boils down to this: we still have a brain, mommies. We still have a brain. We may be wrapped up in the physicality and limitations of sleep habits, good nutrition, disciplinary action, behavioral issues, little budding friendships, potential therapy we may be inducing now and years from now, educational programming both electronic and via books?!, play-dates and birthday parties, but we. have. sustainable. brain. power!!

It’s just lurking beneath the surface, behind that mommy voice and smile.

Let the brain out!! Squirt some oil. Just for a minute or two a day. Now breathe. Ahhhh……

I may not be able to choose one thing right now, but that’s why I had twyns.

Boom. You’re welcome.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

First week of training FAIL

Like the U.S. Open, I’ve been thwarted by the rain.

And the U.S. Open.

No, I’m not going to make excuses…I’ll just record what I did get done…

But it’s funny how when you actually set your mind to something you are reminded why the title of “mom” changes eh.very.thing. And why my eyes are always bigger than my stomach…or in this case, arms and legs…

Quick & Dirty:
Remember my plan for this week:
  • 2 swims (1 long, 1 short),
  • 2 bikes (1 long, 1 short),
  • 1 run (medium),
  • 1 yoga,
  • 1 strength.
I did:
  • 2 swims (1 short, 1 short)
  • 2 bikes (1 short, 1 short)
  • 1 run (medium)
  • 1 15 minute stretch
  • 1 strength
Detailed version:

Day 1: Strength -training class with my bestie. TOUGH. A great way to start out the week because it kept my muscles fatigued all week, but my right bicep balled up on the floor like it had been violated. Ran a mile before-hand. Counts as short run?

Day 2: Stuck in U.S. Open traffic on the way to the gym where I was planning on yoga class then long swim. Stared like a creeper into the yoga class to make sure it was yoga, and was not invited in as I was already 15 mins late, so headed to the pool. It was crowded, so I ran a mile on the TM first then only had time for 25 mins of swimming . Not quite a mile. Blah. Bicep still tight.

Day 3 : Stuck at home waiting for washer repair guy. At 8 am, I’m dressed and ready. At 9 am, push the kids out of the house. At 10 am, thinking I can still get a nice bike in. At 11 am, hoping to run the 3 mile loop still…At 12 have to pick up kids and washer repair guy still not here. GRRRRRRRR. Mama not happy. Guy gets there at 2 PM (4 hour window and you can’t make it? Really??), and we head to errands and bday party at 3. No energy at 7 to redeem day. GRRRRRRR. Twyn-BEAR-mom. Nada. Goose-egg. Annnnd….still can’t extend my right arm all the way. Is this a problem I need to address?

Day 4 : Had coordinated a long bike with bestie and another mom to pick up kids from camp. Torrential downpour ensues. Head to gym for 5 mile run on TM (bor-ing but nice pace!) and swim 1 mile. A bit redeemed…but still no bike! Managed to fit in the last massage of my membership, however. That didn’t hurt.

Day 5: Another rainy morning, so I headed to spin class. I do really like that teacher. Log it as 15 miles. Forced myself not to bring any other gear into the gym (#trinerd). Ended up getting a last minute hair appointment for me and little girl, so she got her first haircut! What? So that’s cute.

BTW, this is when my right bicep finally started feeling normal again.

Day 6 : Totally unmotivated to bike the hills around my house, or take the time to drive to the trail, but still needing a long bike…just let the spin teacher take the reigns. She starts class by saying, “We are working on our endurance!” Right. Yes. We ARE. Didn’t get a long bike, but the legs sure feel like they did…Made myself stretch for 15 minutes after class, a good, long, yoga-like stretch session. [15 minutes is long in my life]. I think this is a good item to incorporate into my routine. If I don’t have time to stretch every day and/or if I miss yoga, at least end my week with a minimum of that 15 minutes.

I can’t say this was a very inspiring start to my training. I forgot how tiring it is to get back into it; how much life gets in the way; how unmotivated I am to wake up early or put in the long hours of biking. I also gained 2 pounds. Clearly immediate muscle mass gain?

With the way this week went, I’m never doing an Ironman. I can’t even keep up with Half-Iron training! Ugh. #Firstworldproblems as they say…

Follow me on dailymile or myfitnesspal as twynmawrmom if you’d like to send me motivation or virtual punches in the face and kicks in the a$$…

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A stage mom is born

originally posted on June 11, 2013 on and re-posting on blogspot.
I wanted her to be prepared for the lights, the hair, the makeup, the costume…so I started all of this prep a month out. I bought her new tights, a backup pair, a new makeup bag filled with her own essentials, and begin putting her hair up in the requisite ‘two buns’ as her school had instructed us for several classes beforehand so that she wouldn’t fuss about it on recital day.


I videoed the rehearsal in case we had a chance to review it and practice at home.

[No, honestly, I did. I was only going to break it out
in case she was asking to dance and practice.]
[she didn't.]

I beamed with pride when she made her entrance.

My cheeks hurt whenever she made a move.
I blushed and gushed when any other mother complimented me on her ‘buns’ and I got to explain my special secret on how they were built.

[Um, it's called a bun builder. Got them here.]

I giggled when she started telling her grandmothers that ‘mascara’ is ‘the one essential.’

And I sweated. When another mother asked me to watch her child while she got her elderly parents seated.

And I felt a call to action. When a fellow dance mom explained to me that if we help corral the girls backstage we would be allowed to sit in the front row during our daughters’ performance.

And I had a mini panic. When the dance teacher told me that she needed another ‘volunteer mom’ to help watch another class of girls.

And my back ached. As I proceeded to sit on a high school hallway floor letting the girls take turns sitting on my lap and playing my iPad.

And I choked up. When, stalling for time, I asked my daughter and one of her classmates to do an arabesque and pique for me and THEY DID.
My stagemom passing the baton. Dare I say, she was more than happy to.
Proud brother.

And I could barely breathe.

When I saw my daughter dance. on stage. for the very first time.

With a smile on her face.

And an understanding that everyone was watching her.

[kinda hoping it's only the beginning...]


Monday, June 10, 2013

Half Ironman training begins this week

originally posted on on and re-posting on blogspot.

So you know yesterday was my daughter’s first dance recital and I’d rather talk about this…


But…I’m 13 weeks out to September 8th. So gotta get semi-serious.

I’ve been looking at Matt Lieto’s plan (10~20 hours per week) and Beginner Triathlete’s plan(7~10 hours per week). They are both 20 weeks, but I’m basically cutting out one ‘easy base’ or build cycle. I’ve been building, believe me…I would be starting at week 8.

So I’ll use these to create my plan. The one that I know will work for me…Cuz I swim alright, biking’s getting better, and SUCK at running, especially after the previous two. And I’m slow and mom-ing is my first priority and Matt Lieto doesn’t need to do what I do after he does what he does so it’s different, dude. It just is.

So last Fall I started focusing on running more…And I’ve basically stopped swimming altogether. For my month-long 140.6 in March, I did the 2.4 miles in two sessions. I really could swim all day. We’ll test that theory out next month at the Steelman 5k swim. One of my friends asked me:
“How do you train for that?”
Oh! Good question! I don’t. Durn, guess I should start swimming again. I reassured her that it is a 1.5 mile loop, so if I’m totally losing my sh** after the first loop I can just *stop.* 1.5 miles is usually not hard for me. I mean, I don’t swim fast, duh…I just start swimming, steer clear of kicking, and 1-2-3-breathe until they tell me to stop. I think I can swim a 35 minute mile, so I would strive for 3 x 40 minute miles if possible. Oh there I did it again! A previously unarticulated goal. Wow. I didn’t really think I cared about numbers. Hm. I have tried to ‘up my game’ on the swim many times to no avail. Where is that extra 5 minutes going to help me? It’s not.

God bless my shoulders – they are so excited not to hold my boobs up during the swim they carry my body all around the lake without complaining.

So that swim will complete my ‘reverse order tri challenge’ I inadvertently gave myself for this summer: I did the Broad Street 10-miler May 5, the Tour de Cure 65-mile ride June 1, and then the swim will be July 14. This way I will have met a nice long distance at each sport, coupled with some single-sport-focus weeks leading up to each.

I’ve also experienced some back pain/spasms (mostly lower, but also upper) as of late and tight hamstrings, so:
I need to incorporate some strength training and yoga in my plan.

Oh yeah, and the run is a trail run for this 70.3, so I need to hit some of those!! Urgh! Eek! Easy or hard, easy or hard, easy? or harrrrd?!?!

Oh, and weight loss. I’m incorporating that into my training this year, and I am the lightest I’ve been going into a season and I think it is already paying off. If I’m not successful in my training on any given week, I feel like if I lose a pound, I’m still making strides towards my goal.
Oh, and I’m not fast. In fact, I’m slow. I’m not training for speed or to get faster. Just adding the longer distance.

Just want that 70.3 sticker on my bumper.

Hopefully I will not finish last. But obviously I’m not a planner, so on any given day I may choose a different sport (hence the reason I love triathlon) due to weather or time or desire. So this plan is loose, and I’ll report back what I actually did. If you care to have read this far!! ;)

Week 1
2 swims (1 long, 1 short & fast)
2 bikes (1 long, 1 short & fast)
1 run (medium)
1 yoga
1 strength

Week 2

Week 3
2 swims (1 long, 1 short & fast)
3 bikes (2 short, 1 long)
2 runs (1 long, 1 short & fast)
1 yoga
1 strength

Week 4 “Recovery”
1 long swim
1 long bike
1 long run
1 yoga
1 strength
That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far ;)
Ya with me!?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tour de Cure Ride Pace Analysis

originally posted on June 8, 2013 on and now re-posting to blogspot.

Getting a little bloggy on you, but I just wanted to record my pace calculations from the Tour de Cure last Saturday for future reference as I prepare for my first Half-Ironman on September 8th.[That's what a blog is for, right?!]

There were a lot of stoplights, and group dynamics in the beginning, and of course, I took 2 long rests (15-20 minutes for the first, 20-25 minutes for the second), and one short rest with my thigh-turned-stone muscle cramp [I just wrote 'musical' freudian lol] at mile 60 for 5 extra minutes.
I’m going to take out those rests, but keep in the stops for stop lights and group dynamics to gauge my pacing, because I honestly did not stop otherwise. I. kept. riding!!

Even with stoplights and group dynamics, I was excited to see 16.1 mph pace for my first 27 miles on my Garmin. That was very refreshing for me, as I struggle to maintain that pace on my flattest stretches of the Schuylkill River trail by myself. But I was trying to stay ‘with the pack’ before my first rest, and lo and behold, it fueled quite an impressive pace for me. I can’t tell if this will help me or not during the Half Ironman in September. Sometimes in triathlons you are with a lot of people, sometimes you are ahead of people, sometimes you are way behind the real athletes [ahem]…it depends on whether or not there is a wave start, or how many people are in the race in total…and whether or not you had just come off your first cruise [ahem #2.]

In the first half I averaged over 20 mph in 4 of the 27 miles.

 27 miles in 1:39:07 = 16.4 mph

Obviously my pace dropped off for the second half. It was getting closer to 10 am, the 90 degree heat was setting in, and the group was thinning out more. I found a few duos to hang with for awhile, but I would either end up passing them or they would fly ahead.
“Rabbitses”, I thought, like a Hobbit…
always needing someone to chase…
In the second half [37.5 of the 64.5 miles] my highest pace was 21.9 mph at mile 33 and second highest was 17.3 mph at mile 47. Other than that, it’s pretty shitty. My proudest moment was to see that the final mile I averaged 16 mph even. I’m always trying to understand what ‘leaving it all out there’ is, so at least I stepped up the finish.

37.5 miles in 2:46:59 = 13.5 mph
Altogether, that makes:
64.5 miles in 4:26:06 = 14.6 mph

I’ve mentioned those second half hills were *rough*, but I also need some more experience at longer distances [I had never ridden past 45 miles prior to Saturday.]
I’m also going to get out to my half-iron bike course sometime this month, maybe even twice this month, and give it a once-over. Staying close to home here in Bryn Mawr, there are plenty of hills to practice on if I need to…and hopefully I can pleasantly surprise myself on race day with a 16 mph pace over 56 *flat* miles. [make them flat, please!?!]

Oh – Yep, I guess that’s my previously unarticulated goal.
[That would make my biking portion of the Half-Iron 3:30.]
Who knew I had one?!

Oh, P.S. I remember hitting 56 miles on Saturday at 2:11 in the second half, so if you add 1:39 + 2:11 = 3:50 for my first 56 mile bike ride. So I’m trying to shave 20 minutes off of this, my first attempt at that distance. No biggie, right?!?

Do you have an unarticulated goal you would like to articulate? No judgements!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun for Friday: Random Questions

originally posted on June 7, 2013 on and re-posting on blogspot.
1. I still have several pairs of the disposable underwear they gave me for postpartum recovery. Why? And do I throw them away? Would these not be useful on a camping trip or tour through Asia that I may or may not be invited to? P.S. I hate camping.

2. If I’ve had a rough day and choose to forego the drink I earned at the end of said rough day, can I choose to partake first thing the next morning when the circumstances dictate?

3. If it’s so blatantly obvious that the preschool teacher did all the work for the “project” my child so lovingly “created”, why do I feel guilty throwing it away? Why are half of the projects still on the dining room table? What are they waiting for? And why does this not apply to the necklaces that I covet and growl at the children whenever they want to take them down off my place-of-honor [the bathroom mirror] and wear them? They clearly belong in a safety deposit box. Why?

4. Am I supposed to do a will? Really? When? Are the children going to end up in foster care if I don’t? Is this too serious a question for a random-question-fun-for-Friday-post on my

5. Why did I move to a .com?

6. Why when I decide to go ‘wheat-free’ for a week does everyone suddenly make me cupcakes? And why does this contribute to my husband’s weight loss but not mine? Oh, that one I can answer…

7. Drinking alone. Stigma, no stigma? But the children are upstairs sleeping. Does that count as not being alone or does that up the sadness factor?

8. Am I really going to do a Half-Iron distance race? By myself? Again, why?

9. Why does it make me so happy that my garbage and recycle men so gentlemanly take my empty canisters back up the driveway? Why do I see this as chivalrous? Why is the garbage the last frontier of man vs woman for me?

10. Why is this, depending on the moment of ask, either the single most adorable thing ever and I want to print it up in one of those sticky wall decals and lovingly smooth it on the wall over my front door or single most f**ken annoying thing I’ve ever heard in my life and make me want to pummel my head in with the meat cleaver I use to crush ice with:
“I want some crushed up ice with no water,
and water, with no ice.”
What about you?
Random question running through your mind that you need to get out?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's been a long courtship for me: National Running Day

originally posted on June 5, 2013 on and re-posting to blogspot.
Happy National Running Day!

Nope, didn’t run.


It’s been a long, rocky relationship between me and running.

I think we broke up, like, 40 times…

I remember having to round my high school parking lot like 20 times in order to hit 1 mile, and I did it in like just under the Presidential requirement of like 13 minutes or something.

So I’d safely say I was “below average.”

And I didn’t give one Emma Stone about it.
[I think I stopped to audition for the school play or something in the middle of it anyways.]

So then college came around, I studied abroad in the home of poffertjes and olliebollen and gained the sophomore *30*. I came home, started taking a weight-lifting class and running to and from the Lincoln Memorial beforehand. I was very proud of those 2 miles. But I never did more than that.

Heading towards my 30th birthday, I decided to challenge myself with a triathlon. Didn’t have a bike. Hadn’t run a mile in years. Hadn’t swum since high school swim team. But I wanted to do it.

Cuz?  I don’t know why.

I started running on the treadmill on New Years Day, and my birthday and the triathlon were in May.
And….it totally took me that long to get comfortable running 3 miles without stopping.


And now I’m planning on running a half-marathon after biking 56 miles which will be after swimming 1.2 miles?


Or, just simply tri nerd.

You see, I’ve grown accustomed to this relationship.

The same boyfriend who made me feel all jiggly and fat and say how in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks are your feet not going to break underneath all this weight!?

Is the same one who’s like gurrrrrl you are totally rocking this pace and your a$$ is all hard from these hills and you can run like 10 miles more if you want to!

I still can’t say I like him, but awww heck, I love him.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tour de cure pHILLy 64.5 mile ride, or how to burn 3500 cals in one day

originally posted on June 1, 2013 at; wanted to add it to blogspot as I prepare and self-pep-talk for my next big race of the summer: the Steelman 5k swim next week!

I survived!
I see you hills of Bucks County,
and spasm-y back,
and 92 degree heat,
and lackluster training,
and I win!
I beat you.
I did it.
Quick & Dirty
  • there was crying
  • miles 20-25 serious hills
  • miles 40-50 WTF incline the ENTIRE time, PLUS hills
  • only stopped at 2 of 4 rest areas
  • race support was great until the very end, when the 92 degree heat got a hold of everyone and every bottle of water at the final rest area
Slow & Painful
Let me start by saying, of course, I did it for a very good cause. And I cried thinking about my late grandmother, and my mother-in-law, and one of my best friends, who have to train and plan everyday to maintain their diabetes. I thought about my bestie on the 35 mile course whom I was sure was rocking it. I thought about my sweet friends who donated and told me to do it for their friends, and I actually even cried thinking of my super-pregnant triathlete-friend who told me the day before:
“Just enjoy it babe!!! I’m jealous!!!”
Now, she is crazy. But she had a point.
An inspiring event is WAY easier than an event where you are constantly checking your GPS pace to make sure you are on track for your forever-recorded-chip-time at that event and on the interwebs.
[although you know I was excited to see I did the first half in 16.1 mph pace. The rest of the ride I didn't stop my timer so it includes rests & stoplights, so I have to piece together my second half pace...]
Since this was a ride and not a race, I felt very at home with my usual philosophy of ‘just trying to finish’ and actually found a lot of like-minded thinkers. There were certainly those who breezed through the course without stopping, and I was not one of them. But I also was not one of those who had to stop at every rest area and at times walk my bike up a hill.

I have the gear now, I’ve logged the miles,
I look the part, and I was in the right group.
20130601-142612.jpg Even though I was surprised to see -there were less than *10* women at the 64-mile start.

Miles 20-25 were filled with hills, just to separate the women from the girls, as it just so happened to ramp up as soon as the 35-mile route and the 64.5-mile route went their separate ways. Total elevation for the 35-mile ride was +1727 feet, and for the 64.5 mile ride it was +3683. Although my bestie is a super athlete, she’s still a newbie biker so I’m glad I didn’t push her to do the longer, much hillier, ride with me. See routes here.

Speaking of newbies, at most events I still consider myself one but I had a couple of comments on my bike and my riding, [literally: "nice riding!!"] which made me chuckle and so I guess I’m getting better. My neck was definitely the most strained at the end of the day, so I think I was tucking in rather nicely and finally getting better form.

Lost my religion somewhere between miles 40 and 50. They were beastly, and I was alone for much of it [stupid Bucks County mansions and their fountains. I am going to jump in your effin fountain!!]. And the heat was NASTY!! Sticky sticky icky HOT. My main motivation in skipping two of the four rest areas was so that I would have a glimmer of hope of finishing the ride before 12.

Tried to take a pic of this pretty covered bridge three times on approach and exit. Stop pix-ing and biking, idiot!!

But alas, my sunburn seethed and my thighs seized in those last 30 minutes it took me past 12 pm. I have never experienced a heat cramp!! Interesting!! And, of course, awful. And I almost tried to ride through the fact that my right thigh turned to stone because I was already at mile *60*!! But I’m glad I pulled aside at a shady driveway and a woman behind me joined me. I told her what was up and she said to eat something and offered me a graham cracker. As I tried to converse with her I realized the heat really was setting in because I couldn’t get words out. I told her I had ‘fuel’ and I ate the rest of my peanut bar. She said water alone was not going to help the cramp. And it’s amazing how in less than 4 minutes the food took care of me. My stomach had been growling but I didn’t really pay attention. I had 3 Gu’s, 2 halves of a banana (so yes that’s one whole banana geniuses), my usual raisin bread at 6 am, a tiny bit of coffee, some coconut water, and regular water.
No shock: could’ve used more coconut water ;)
I’m getting picky with my nutrition and I passed up on the Gatorade (especially red yuck!) and candies and overly processed granola bars and even the end-of-ride lunch with turkey sandwiches.

I’m not saying I’m getting healthier [see below]!! But I’m learning what works for me.

This was kinda nice about 2 hours post-ride:20130601-142637.jpg
Well actually I only got one sip of the coke down before tossing it, but the cheeseburger went down juuuuuust fine.

Not to be outdone my hubby kept his winning streak going: one nap per race, as soon as I get home and settled…
Work that nap, babe. You can do it!

All in all, that was harrrd. Might have to cap myself at the half iron distance. And I’m ok with that. I might not be disciplined enough for more!!

Although the side benefit is that I woke up weighing a pound less this morning!! I’m sure I’m severely dehydrated, but even with water weight ups and downs in the past few weeks, I’ve never seen that number. So I’m logging it. And I’m gunning for more!!

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