Monday, May 20, 2013

The "new" Philadelphia Zoo

Spring has sprung and 
with the changes at the zoo it is like new!

Quick & Dirty
  • You can eat healthy at the zoo! I've mentioned this before, but they have expanded the options even further. No more French fries for us!
  • The new children's area is bigger and better and more interactive; give yourself extra time for this.
  • The new parking structure helps but you still have a little walk (which has also been updated & improved), and the crowd control is worth it.
Long & Winded

Speaking of the Parking:
Upon exiting the parking structure, they have added a traffic light and extra turning lane so us Main Line-r's can get directly back on 76 West. This is HUGE. I have never once left the Zoo in the same manner in my prior 4701 visits. 

The walk to the zoo from the garage now has a little rail fencing so the kids can't step onto the street! THANK. YOU!

As for the new Children's Zoo:
You can still pet and brush the goats, but they do not have an option to feed the goats anymore. Just be aware of this if you have promised your children, like I did, that that's what we would be doing...

It was getting a little aggressive, I must say, so that's totally understandable. 

[And they can still feed the ducks, which has also been improved, so the kids can't try to jump into the water like before.]

The new indoor area is awesome! There is actually a space with a couple of tables and chairs if you wanted to bring your lunch and eat inside, and there are extra bathrooms inside this building, as well as directly outside the building but still within the boundaries of the new children's area. So that's a bonus two restrooms!! Very important for potty-ing pre-schoolers. 

There are some Please-Touch-Museum-like interactive exhibits that really got my kids involved. Like, I thought we were at the zoo to see animals, but apparently these are just as cool. 

Including this HUMONGOUS Ant, that you can crawl underneath. Very cool.
 I think my kids were just as excited about 
the new fusion hand-dryers outside the petting area, though. Typical!

The new 'climbing' area wasn't open for us, yet. I've heard it is still not ready for the masses. It did seem a little ambitious - goats are supposed to be going up the stairs, too?? I don't know.

By the way, for the first time, my son got his face-painted!! It was adorbs.

The Healthy Stuff
And for training season this year, y'all know I've been trying to slim up a bit, so I was super excited that they have added even more healthy options to the extra kiosk (walk a little further past the chicken fingers building)!
It may be on the expensive side, but it's just as much as the Chicken Fingers platter, and worth it to have a happy stomach: chickpea salad (which my daughter also loves) and you know I just had to support the Zoo stocking my Coconut Water...

Of course, popsicles from the vending machine will always help a girl get through a grueling, tough, sunny and gorgeous day at the Philadelphia Zoo.


  1. Thats awesome the Zoo is creating more healthy options, I seriously wish more places would consider doing this.

    1. Totally- it affects the whole experience; it's worth the investment.

  2. Thank you Twyn.
    I made that ant, and many other zoo exhibits. I appreciate your enjoyment. your welcome.

  3. ... and the fish, and the birds, and the rest of the dirt...

    1. Well thank you again! It's truly a work of art.


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