Monday, May 6, 2013

Go Local: Broad Street Run 10-miler report




Quick & Dirty
1. Way better than Rock n Roll Half
2. High-fived Mayor Nutter at the start!! Whoop-whoop!! I actually saw him and looped back around to get my high-five.
3. Ran the whole time; my friend was a consistent pace-setter.
4. Could have run faster; still don't know how to 'leave it all out there.' 
5. Overall good start to the season.

Broad Street Run is mostly downhill; is totally a locally-involved, locally-celebrated race, is a great way to see Philly as a runner-tourist in all its brotherly love and mix of old and new as you slice through the center of Center City. There were bands, musicians, fun signs, high-fives everywhere, love for Boston and love for Philly all over the place. This. is. Philly's. race. You start in a typical Philly neighborhood, pass by Temple University where the marching band and students cheer you on (miles 3-4), head straight to City Hall (mile 5-6), then past the Arts & Theatre district, South Philly neighborhoods (miles 7-8), the Sports arenas (miles 8-9) and then finish at the Navy Yard. 

My fave sign:

I really had a blast! 

I have to investigate as to why I feel so good post-race this time, as opposed to September when I ran the Philly Rock n Roll Half. My legs and my body are fine; my frustration with pre- and post-race logistics is at a minimum (although there were some logistical kinks) ; my recovery was virtually nil! 

There could be several factors - 

1. I was running a relatively slow pace with my friend, whom I hadn't seen in years [like, pre-kids years!] So the whole time I felt good. She dropped back at mile 8, so I picked up the pace from our 11-minute miles to 10-minute miles for the last 2. I know I could have run faster the whole time, but I wasn't concerned with my time. She and I both have bigger races set in our sights, so this was not our goal race; it was more of a practice race. [finish: 1:48]
2. Rock n Roll Half had a bit more incline.
3. And yes, the half had an extra 5K tacked onto it...
4. Mentally I was not as intimidated. 
5. The weather was a little cooler, so I had no chafing.
6. I am 12 pounds lighter than last September.
7. I did wear [pro-]compression socks for the first time in a race [red for Boston, of course]! Hmmm....[that Skinny Runner may be on to something...]

8. But really, I think the biggest change, was that I had a better hold on my nutrition pre- and post!

I ate: 
*NOT* steaks. 
We got some for my friend to take home with her to NY post-race.
1. Day before: Lots of water and 2 small boxes of coconut water. 
2. Night before: Light sushi dinner plus a little sake for pre-race jitters and to grease the memory cells during catching-up...
3. Morning of: Coffee (I take with milk & sugar), water, 1 coconut water, and two pieces of raisin bread.
4. During race: 1 Gu (espresso with caffeine) + water at start, 1 Gu (vanilla) + water at halfway point.
5. Immediately after: banana, 1 coconut water.
6. 2 hours after: an amazing brunch of egg frittata + turkey sausage [and oh yeah, two spicy horseradish-infused bloody marys] with my Motherhood: the Musical ladies. We were saying goodbye to one of the ladies who is moving out of town, so it had to be today! Good thing I'm a gym rat and enjoyed scoping out one of the PSC's downtown post-race to freshen up. [We ate at Talula's Garden, and it was magical. Farm-fresh and sooooooo goood.]
7. That night: 1 more coconut water, lots of water, and a little short ribs & mashed potatoes the hubby had cooked up. 2 mini almond joys to celebrate. [I have officially switched from Gatorade to Coconut Water. I definitely felt a difference with my long training runs and now with this race. I'm obsessed!!]

Oh and I wanted to eat these little fingers after getting this pic texted to me when I texted Daddy that I finished. They were on a 'bear hunt' and stopped to give me a thumbs up:

I have to say I really think I like the 10 mile distance. It doesn't feel too long, or too short. And I really like a local race that everyone comes out to cheer for.  I highly recommend this one! 

What about you? Are you a fitness tourist?? 
Do you have a local race that can't be missed??


  1. Congrats on a great race! I've done big races and I have done local smaller races...there are pro's con's to both.

    There are a few local races here in Rochester that I love doing and have done multiple years in a row (sadly I broke my streak on a lot of them last year as I was unable to run a good chunk of the spring/summer due to a broken foot).

    1. Yea you're right there are pro's and con's to both - I have to say the best part of my first 'big' race (the Rock n Roll half) was the EXPO! Can't beat those nice big expos with the big races. But most triathlons are small, so I really have been conditioned to that type of atmosphere.

  2. Du-uh - Jacksonville River Run!!! You could breeze through the 15K. The race expo the day before also includes a carbo loading dinner, and the pre-race excitement is great. Last time I did it was a few years ago, but at that time, they had the finish inside the Jaguars field, with the finishers (you) up on the big screen. It was very cool. But the runners are all great, and the community comes out for it, ie, the one house in San Marco that always has Charriots of Fire playing, the local band that serenades, and the people lined up before the Hart(attack) bridge for the last mile and half. You do it, I'll do it with you! Great job on this 10 miler - your post race recovery says a lot about the work you've been doing.

    1. You KNOW I'm checking it out now...I finally feel like I could hack it!! :) Keep me posted on registration deadlines!! <3

  3. Ooohh...Gino's Cheesesteak!!! Drool!!! They are so good. When we went on vacation to eat there. So good!!


  4. Congrats on the race! I enjoy local races more myself. I used to live in Charleston, SC and would do the bridge run every year. It was a lot of people but fun anyway.


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