Thursday, May 2, 2013

Excuses, excuses...aka Nighttime potty training

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So among my husband's more brilliant ideas is to potty train the kids at night the minute he is off his quarter-end craziness. 

He always needs a new project when he is present in the house more than 4 hours in a 24 hour period. 

Because what I really need on the week before a big race, a race which I have barely prepared for, is to do two loads of laundry in the middle of the night.

I may have suggested a few other, note-worthy causes [our master bedroom, the guest bathroom, finishing the basement cabinets & shelving so I could actually put together an organizational system for the sea of toys we must swim through every time we are headed to the Treadmill...] but those were clearly not as appealing as four family members smelling like pee for two weeks. 

Let's hope it only takes two weeks...

We go cold turkey on the diapers two nights ago (I wanted one last night of freedom before my audition.) The last time we tried this was a full year ago. They were 3 1/2 last Spring and I tried several times. They both wanted to give up nighttime diapers immediately upon day-training, but I was still traumatized by teething or something (it had only been, what? a year and a half?) and wanted to continue that precious precious sleep thingy. 

So another six months rolled by and we went diaperless at night and it didn't take long to be a disaster, and for us to revert to diapers again. 

And when I say it didn't take long, I'm pretty sure we lasted one night. 

So this round I guess we should give it at least 2 weeks? Strategies may or may not include: 
  • going cold turkey, and meaning it
  • calling upon superheroes and princesses on panties that should not be peed upon
  • incentives (candy, toys, rewards) for a dry night
  • waking them up at midnight (before my husband goes to sleep) and making them stumble into the bathroom while we laugh hysterically at the glimpse of their future drunk party selves
  • last resort: stop them from drinking after 5 PM [conveniently when mine starts]
So this is how I find myself in the early hours of this morning, snuggling up with the little boy in his double bed. For the third time this 'night.'  This time I brought my pillow so my neck won't get stiff. He is tossing and turning and so I turn my back to him as to avoid the kicks. He ends up draping his legs over the side of my back as if my back were a seat of sorts.  I really should have just put that diaper on him after the second change of sheets. 

This will certainly make for an interesting crime scene. 

I ask him if he needs to go potty, but he is clearly asleep. 

I start to ponder the eco-footprint of doing three extra loads of laundry per day versus the continuation of pull up diapers.

And whether I could start cloth diapering now. 

Since the sheets have basically succumbed to that role by default. 

And it has just been....lovely

Broad Street, here I come!!

You got a story too? Advice? 


  1. I don't have kiddos but I have friends who do and have gone through potty training. From what I gather the 2 biggest things that helped them was rewards for going on the potty, and waking them up at night for a while to get them used to getting up when they need to pee.

    P.s. I have funny images of kids stumbling across the hall right now... I remember when I first got doped up for my wisdom teeth and my mom saying "well now I know what you will be like when you are older and drunk"

    1. There are a million things they do that make me think my mom must've been laughing at me ALL THE TIME!!

  2. we are trying night-time potty training now too. For the secnd time in a few months. here is my new strategy:

    "Okay, AK, the first day you stay dry, you get 1 chocolate chip, the second day, 2...up until 10 chocolate chips. But if you don't wake up dry in the middle, you get zero and then we start over again."

    I am hoping this is reinforcing good behavior instead of just causing her to pee in the middle of the night so she can have chocolate chips again. Which is what i think happened the first time. Dry 3 nights in a row and when I cut off the chocolate rewards, she just started peeing again. No idea if they are connected, but they are in my head.

    I am also taking her for the dream pee when i go to bed. Thanksfully she is still relatively small, becaus eI carry her as dead weight to the toilet and whisper, "okay, AK, you are on the toilet. Mommy brought you here. Now pee." Magically, she does. Most of the time.

    Last night was day 10 of being dry in her pull-up, so tonight she sleeps in undies! Here's hoping!

    1. LOL I love the term "dream pee"...reminds me of 'dream feed' when they were newborns. I tried it last night only with the boy - it turned into a DREAM POO!!! *PLUS* you don't have a boy so you don't know want to know what you have to do to get him to pee sitting down!! Hilarious. Thanks for the tip!! This may work!

    2. dream poo is better than changing poo sheets. glad it worked. AK woke up dry in undies today! and she (and her big sis) was rewarded with a hershey kiss.

  3. I never night trained either of my boys. Night time dry has more to do with their body being ready than any sort of "training". I just waited until they were dry most of the time...

    So as to avoid night time laundry escapades, make the bed with a waterproof pad, sheets, second pad, second set of sheets. When there is an accident, yank the top set off and put them back to bed...

    Good luck. I don't miss that stage. ;o)

    1. That is pretty much absolutely BRILLIANT.


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