Friday, May 24, 2013

Closet Gymnast

Crazy monkeys.

Calamity. strikes. again!!!

[see previous calamities worth posting here and here.]
Maybe it was the fact that mommy was out of commission due to a sex-related, gardening-related, biking-related, potty-training-related?, injury [seriously, I've been dead-lifting them in the middle of the night and placing their drunk a$$es ever-so-gently on the pot] and in my compromised state was not minding the children every second of the day...

But I have to say that before lunch they were actually quite angelic! 
No mess, got themselves some pretzels, etc..

I came downstairs to make them lunch and started watching 
DVR'd episodes of "So you think you can dance". This may have been my downfall.

The little girl started twirling herself down into a puddle on the floor, 
and making up her own adorable version of a grande jete all over the room. 


At about 2 pm I found myself getting frustrated with myself and declared: 
"Ok it's gorgeous out, get your bathing suits on!!"
[the children scurry.]

I think mommy's back could use some good old-fashioned sun-baked-heat.

Boy they are taking a long time up there in their rooms. 


Ok I have time to pull myself together, put on a bra in case someone sees us in the yard...


Now, they are taking TOO long. What is UP.

Walk down the hall to the source of the sound of laughter...

To THIS...

Now, you do not know how my daughter's closet normally looks, but it has had boxes of baby stuff on the top shelf, loads of dresses on the top rack, loads of dresses on the bottom rack, and oh yeah, it didn't have a four year old Olympian monkeying around all three.

And as I tried to explain to my husband, this picture was actually taken after the moment of discovery, which entailed her on the *TOP* shelf, reaching around the lip of the closet opening and trying to grab her purple feather boa. 

You know, the one Grandma got her in N'Orleans. 

When she was 1.

So I hung it up. 

All Fancy-Nancy style, not knowing she would EVER even notice it, much less, climb a mountain for it!!

The little boy is bending down in the photo, trying to gather the small amount of feathers she managed to pluck from it in her attempts to get it down.

And now we are looking into taking additional forms of disciplinary action.


And gymnastics classes.



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