Friday, April 5, 2013

"I was just porking her with my spewer"

I suppose it was inevitable that my loveable set of twyns would be no different than any other set of twins and would come to create their own language?

Or maybe most kids get a few phrases or words wrong and there's nothing you can do but giggle and wait to correct them until they're like... twenty-one?

Here are some winners from my twyns:

"Screw...screw...screw...we're screwing!" (As they turn around, each holding one end of a scarf)

"Pie-papples are so pickory!" (Pineapples are prickly)  

For him: "Jamamas." For her: "Dejamas." For the rest of us: "Pajamas."

(Hear child wail) "I was just porking her with my spewer!" (porking = poking; spewer=anything that is pickory or spews something.)

We hear about porking a lot. It's usually disturbing if taken out of context.

Spewing is an interesting creation. My husband asked where they got it from and I suspect it is a reference to the sound an electronic fictional type gun or Spider-Man's webs sound when being ejected. 

[hence, at Costco:] "Look! They have a really big spewer here!" 

and just for fun: 
"Mom-watch me run around SUPER FAST!" [whispers:] "I won't hurt myself."

And completely on their own, they discovered a whole new way to 'pillow-fight':

And how about your kiddos? Any good ones lately?? 

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Hilarious! I loved the crazy way my boys said things when they were younger. It's one of the few things I miss about the early days...


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