Thursday, April 18, 2013

My wish for the media: don't show his face

And I say his, because it is almost never a woman. And even rarer, a mother. Because if you have gone through that much heartbreaking effort to produce and/or raise a child, you would never want to destroy one.

Please don't show his face.

Please don't exploit his cause.

That is what he wants.

That is why he has done this awful thing.

Please don't give him attention.

Please just tell us, it is done.

Make us feel safe, not scared.

Make us understand that law enforcement is doing their job, and don't try to do it for them.

Explain why we can't know everything right away.

Please don't show his face.

Remember Columbine, and VA Tech, and Sandy Hook. And don't make a copy cat.

Don't give him what he wants.

He has already affected hundreds and thousands of lives.

Don't make it millions.

Don't inspire some other wacko to do the same.

Don't teach that other wacko how he got away with it.

And please, don't haunt my dreams with his face, with some nasty smirk that he succeeded. Or at another time in his life when this evil act was only a glimmer in his eye.

Don't sell us your story about him.

Just tell us what happened, what's being done about it, and what we should prepare for in the future.

Don't make him news. Make us news.

And please, don't. show. his. face.

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