Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mid term weight loss goal

For some reason this week, I hit a weight loss goal I haven't been able to hit in a few years! 

I got under 160. 

That's 10 pounds less than I was when I ran the Philadelphia half last Fall, which was the most I've ever weighed (outside of pregnancy.)

Again, feeling empowered, like after my #bestrun, I think, the sky's the limit! 

I would LOVE to get down to 150 again. 

It has been since my wedding, 8 1/2 years ago. 

I knew I needed to get lean for this tri season, and stepping up to the plate of the Half-Ironman was going to take some big changes - so this is a good great one - to start with!

Oh HOW??
  • Hubby has lost a lot of weight recently and it inspired me to go along with him. We basically stopped engorging ourselves at every possible opportunity - and if I find myself munching on the kids' dinner, I don't eat a second dinner with him. He has been working out sometimes twice a day - even if only 20 minutes at a time - and making better food choices.
  • Oh yeah, and myfitnesspal is my friend again - I used it all last year and didn't net a single pound!! So I started thinking, it must be me. I must be doing something wrong. Be my friend! I'm twynmawrmom, bien sur...
  • The weather started getting nicer and keeping me and the kids more active rather than stuck indoors with all the snacky snacks. 
  • Without hubby home the last two weeks during quarter end, I've not been drinking as much alcohol, and was sometimes motivated to fit in a workout at night.
So I told hubby we have reached our 'mid-term weight loss goals' in a sense, since we both have lost at least half of what we would ultimately like to see, and he said 
"you get an A!"
haha - he knows I'm a nerd like that - I love it!

So it didn't totally break my confidence this morning when my pants *split* on the inside thigh!! Hello - chub rub!! I guess these pants were still mad about the 8 miles earlier this week. Well, good riddance! I can't have you slowing me down this season, cotton capris. 

Mama's gonna need some more spandex...

Do you get lean for training season? What are your goals?


  1. Congrats on the long run and the weight loss! :)

  2. congrats on the weight loss. I don't weigh myself often. Its a battle. I know in high training season I will lose some pounds, in base season i gain some pounds. I try not to freak out about it, and sometimes am more successful than others.


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