Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lululemon SUCKS

This post has nothing to do with the recent rear-revealing debacle. That is the least of my problems, and should be the least of theirs, as well, if they care to read on. Although, if testing fabrics is an issue, you've come to the right place.

So a while back I entered a giveaway posted on Skinny Runner's blog. In exchange for donating $5 to someone's NYC Marathon charity of choice, which was one that has caught my attention in the past: Back on My Feet, you were entered to win a $150 gift certificate to Lululemon.
For lemons, not melons
Who wouldn't want a gift certificate to Lululemon? "Athletic wear of choice for hot mamas hitting the gym during the precious preschool hour everywhere." I think that's their motto, anyways.

Well, not me. Anymore.

I donated $30 to the charity of choice, because, frankly, I really like that charity. It actually started in Philly, and it motivates homeless people to be active physically, which in turn, helps them get other things in order in their live.

So my $30 gave me 5 extra chances, and by chance, I won!

I carefully stalked my prey, and waited for the right opportunity to strike their new store at Suburban Square, which is ever so convenient to my shopping schedule (which would be in between the hour at the gym and the last 15 minutes of my time before preschool pick-up where I stuff my face with at least 400 calories.)

I got the thickest pair of running leggings they have, a sports bra [which would be the second one I've ever bought myself outside of discount stores and Costco], and a loose tank. I ended up spending a little extra (so read: that's more than $150 total) to "complete" an outfit there.

The pants were also intended for everyday use under my new Christmas boots I was fantasizing about. Oh yeah, you know the ones: the ever sexy arch-correcting Dansko's.
The pants pretty much slid off my a$$ from the beginning. I thought I just needed to give them a good run in the Winter weather. 

No, they did not like that. I was tugging them up the entire time. Um, isn't this what spandex is for??

And no, I did not wash them with fabric softener to compromise their stretch integrity, little miss checker-outer who reminded me of this caveat.
 "They're like the perfect pants as LONG as you don't wash them incorrectly!! tee hee!!"
[she literally said tee hee.]
They were like that from the first wear, and believe me, that is VERY difficult to separate special items from my regular six loads of laundry per week. 

Around where the boots zip, plenty of pilling. 

Is it me? Is it my round booty? My bulbous calves? Well, shouldn't you accomodate us curvy ladies who like to sweat, too?

The bra chafed. TWICE. And it wasn't even hot and sweaty out. And it's definitely not true to size. I get my sweethearts sized regularly, and I KNOW what my size is. Yes, I believe I was "making it work" in the store, but, then again, sports bras are normally on the tight side, no? Yes.

The tank is nothing-ness. For $50. ON SALE. But again, I just wanted to 'complete' the outfit. I imagined this would be perfect in spin class, as you get super hot and sweaty, but don't want to just strip to your sports bra. [Especially not if it's a Lululemon one.] 

So, nakedness, then. They're selling draped naked-ness. With their brand on it.

Sorry, charlie, you're outs in my book! Now when I see women in the gym wearing complete Lululemon outfits I think,  
"See ya suckers!"

[don't you wish I would tell that story so you'd know what that phrase is all about??!]

[I will, I will...]


  1. Too funny. I've attempted to comment twice now on this post without success. For some reason, my "smart" phone does not want to play along. Anyhow, I like your honesty. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience there. I too think they are very overpriced. I like Lululemon's philosophy and outreach, however for apparel, there are other (perhaps better) options out there.

  2. I would agree with you I use to work for lululemon and I wouldn't go back to working for them. There is a slimy underside that I didn't like.

  3. I agree with you completely I will never step foot in another lululemon store again, the sales girl at the shop where I live was rude and unhelpful. I bought a sports bra and running pants. First off the bra is not meant to move in, I chaffed on my arms and under my chest and the pants just slide right off and I bought the smallest size even though the rude sales girl told me I needed the next size up,needless to say I dropped off the bra and pants and my local consignment shop and it sold after one week so I've got that going for me. I also tried to contact the corporate offices and was never contacted back.

  4. Oh man I totally agree. I bought a running skirt from Lululemon a while ago - I really wanted to like it. But it was so uncomfortable to run in that I had to go home and change to finish my run. There is just no way it could be designed by any woman who runs it's just that uncomfortable.


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