Sunday, April 7, 2013

I know

I know...

That there will be times that they won't hug me so tight...

That they won't want me to hold them when they're scared.

That he will just give me a kiss because he 's supposed to.

That he will refuse to give me a kiss because I have cooties.

That they will fight about something so deep that they won't talk for awhile.

That we will not chat about their day and read stories together.

That I won't have to go on guard every time they start to get the sniffles.

That I won't make or prepare their breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

That I won't know their friends.

Or design their schedules.

Or make up silly phrases with them.

Or see them off to school.

So I...

jump when they cry...

And run to grab them.

I breathe in the smell of their sweaty heads...

And squeeze them tight.

I give them an extra helping.

Maybe another piece of candy.

I let them mess my hair.

I make sure their socks match before mine do.

I let them run naked.

Sometimes outside in the rain.

I squeeze extra bubble bath in the tub.

I take them to the park AND the zoo.

I still put their shoes on for them.

I let them jump on the couch.

I help them walk up the slide.

I snuggle them to sleep most nights.

I let them drink too much [chocolate milk.]
Cocktails all around.
I put off bedtime for dance party.

I ask them to help me bake, even as half the majority of the ingredients end up on the floor.

I teach them to love each other, even as their focus slowly turns away from me.

I let them splash, bang, yell, jump, and generally have their way.


There was a time when I thought, I may not have them at all.


So sue me.

I know.


  1. Love it all! I have all three at home this week and you've inspired me to just love - not to plan, discipline or nag!! xx

    1. It goes by too fast!! I need a pause button!!! xo

  2. Thank you for this. Evil week and I was dreading bedtime. This reminds me to cherish those little moments tonight, even when I'm wiped.

  3. Beautiful....just simply beautiful.


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