Sunday, April 21, 2013

First long/short bike of the season

aka "and then I got to Wayne...and everything went wrong"

I rode a marathon today (bike computer says 27 miles, Garmin says 25.)
Would have been, my long ride in previous seasons.
Would now be, my short ride if I could hack it.
Follow my thinking mental state along the way...

Miles 1-6: My house to Conshohocken
Ahhhh...the glorious hills of Gladwyne...
Quite a warm-up! Wish I had my heart monitor on... 
I will not stop. I am SPIN CHAMPION!
Get to descent. Get to descent. It's going to be rocking.
Holy Sh** I am going the speed limit. 
"What are you up to today on this lovely Sunday morning, twynmawrmom?"
"Oh, you know, just going the speed limit [35 mph]...ON MY BIKE!"
and I'm on the trail in 30 minutes!
As I round around the Outbound Station onto the trail I'm calculating 30 min/6 miles is 5 minute miles...not great, but not bad for those hills...
And then I remember: some people run 5 minute miles.
Ah well...first of the season...

Miles 7-15: Schuykill River Trail
A win for familiarity.
Hey- I'm not the only loner out today. That makes me feel better.
Wait - it is COLD [40 degrees.] 
Those other people are dumb like me.
In any case, this is easy. Keep the pace up to make up for those hills behind me.
And the hills ahead of me. 
Wish I had a tissue.
Maybe I'll stop for water in Norristown.
No dude. Don't stop til Valley Forge. 
Halfway point + bathrooms = perfect pit stop.
Get there. NOW.

Valley Forge pit stop
Some nice fellow cyclists greet me.
Chatter re: triathlon, running, and the Boston marathon.
Conclusion: biking is better than running.
Commiseration over the fact that the bathrooms are locked.
I bet there is a visitor center in Valley Forge.
Now if I could just cross the river...
Should have worn my tri suit? Where the heck is the crossing point? 

Crossing the River: Is this a bridge, or a scene from Indiana Jones?
Miles 16-20: Valley Forge into Wayne
Valley Forge trails are awesome! 
When they are not closed off for a race.
Another biker waves me through. Race is over.
Porta potty. THANK YOU Race organizers. 
Ok. So just descend into Berwyn... totally know this route.
F**k. Have to stop to look at map. AGAIN.
And....a third time. eighth time...
Well that's good, because I can't breathe.
Whyyyy didn't I drive this first. 
Effin West Valley Road SUCKS
I can't breathe.
The climb must end.
All climbs must end. 
Try not to walk it.
Don't walk it.
Don't walk it.
No one saw you fall as you were trying to dismount.
Don't check your sleeve to see if you ripped it.
You prob did.
Ok just walk across Gulph Road, then you're golden. Then you're in Wayne.

Miles 21-26: Wayne to Twyn Mawr
WTF WAYNE. I totally know you. 
All my mommy friends are around here...somewhere...
Great. Fine. Downtown Wayne. Civilization. Just ride through...
Maybe call hubby.
Maybe we should meet in Wayne with kiddies for lunch.
Crap. Car show. Streets closed.
Maybe we should meet at Garrett Hill Pizza for lunch.
Maybe I should just walk home.
Maybe I can just ride home.
Maybe I can make it in under 2 hours. 
I will give myself 5 minutes for that traffic light.

Me: "Either my tires are low, or I'm a terrible cyclist, or both."
Hubby: "Both."

Hubby/Coach:"But you know how you get better at cycling? 
You do more cycling."

See you on the trails, bitches!!

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