Friday, April 12, 2013


One of my fave blogs, MCM Mama, posted for Miss Zippy's #bestrun link-up, and it got me fired up to mention my most recent #bestrun and what it made me do.

This week I had an audition for Delaware Theatre Company and I 
a) wasn't sure about the commute
b) wasn't sure about their season
c) wasn't sure I could go without the kids

All of the above seemed to resolve themselves and/or I ended up not caring, so I went for it.

In the back of my mind, I
a) had a feeling the theatre was right on the waterfront
b) had a feeling I would be done quickly
c) had a feeling I could fit in a run right afterwards

So I prepared for the possibility, and lo and behold, it presented itself! 

Since it was only 10:45 when I got started and I didn't have to pick up the kids until 2, I was hoping the Waterfront Riverwalk was more than 2 miles long, so I could actually get my long run in for the week. Which, incidentally, needed to really count since I missed a week of running and the longest run I had done since the Philadelphia Half back in September was 5 miles for my month-long 140.6.

Well, it wasn't more than 2 miles long. 

But I did get my long run! I ran that thing back and forth until I hit 7 miles, and then I ended up a mile from my car, so I made it an even *8*! It was one of those runs that you just up and up and up the energy. People started gathering at the restaurants for lunch, and it was getting a little busy, but I just kept plowing through. I fell a little in my pace, but I felt like I could do it, and I wasn't going anywhere until I did. 

Maybe it was the adrenalin from the audition, or the fact that I really needed the boost in confidence for the upcoming Broad Street Run, but it was seriously the #bestrun I've had in forever. 

It made me feel like I was finally starting to keep up a certain level of fitness over the Winter that would allow me to train year-round.

[You know - the kind of training it would take to complete an Ironman??]

Shhh. Don't tell me I said that.  

In any case, I feel like Broad Street is just maintenance and mental game in front of me, and then it's on to my Half-Ironman training for the Diamondman on September 8th

And oh yeah, nothing like quarter-end loneliness and a #bestrun to get me to sign up for something else! 

I'll be riding 63 miles on the Tour de Cure with Joanna @ Nutrition in Motion on June 1st for the American Diabetes Association. JOIN US!!

So what if it's been two years since I've ridden more than 40 miles...

Clearly, I can do anything.

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  1. Awesome! I love how you said "and what it made me do," as if it's a living entity. ; )

    Sounds like a great confidence booster run...those are the best!

    Thanks for linking up.


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