Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Audition Report #1

I read a lot of running and triathlon blogs and we are all used to scanning each other's 'race reports' to learn something about the person, the race, and, of course, hoping to be inspired, or looking to commiserate. 

I'm sure some other performer-blogger does this [please let me know if you do], but I'd like to start my list of audition reports. 
  • Perhaps it will end up being a database of sorts, from which I can draw intelligence on future auditions for the same company - or show. 
  • Perhaps it will be a place to learn from my weaknesses and build on my strengths. 
  • Or perhaps it will just be a place to VENT my frustration that there is no rationality for getting cast and not cast in this business of show. 
Plus I KNOW y'all want the skinny on what went down today!

You found yourself chatting with hubby tonight at dinner:
"That Twynmawrmom...she is so obsessed with this weird, obscure, show and she had an audition today and...oh...I wonder how that went?!?"
And you excuse yourself from the table and head straight to the interwebs where we meet and hang out and discuss all things trivial and meaningful at once.

How was your day? 
Ok, me first.

Audition for The Last Five Years for 11th Hour Theatre Company
April 30, 2013
Philadelphia, PA
Piece: "Climbing uphill/Audition sequence" from The Last Five Years

I saw the notice for this audition two weeks ago and immediately called for an appointment. I didn't hear from them for almost a week so I called again. I was that excited about the prospect of playing this part. 
[KATHY HIATT Soprano Mix/Belt. 20-35 years old. Excellent actress and singer. We see her perspective on the relationship from the end to the very beginning. At the beginning of the relationship, she is an ambitious, aspiring actress, but her dreams of love are more important than her career. At her best, Kathy is endearing, witty, charismatic and realistic. At her worst, she is insecure, needy, and jealous.] 
Check out my post here on the identity crisis reliving this show triggered...

The music director for my previous show in Philly is also the music director for this show, so she texted me to say she would be leaving the auditions early so I called yet again to change my appointment time. [Already looking idiotic.] Little did I know I actually knew the woman who was changing my appointment for me on the phone all those times. She knows I'm cool. Or that I was ... before I geeked out about this show!!

The good news, all was forgotten when I entered the room all bubbly and feeling young with my little ponytail flying and started talking to the pianist about the tempo of my audition piece. We were asked to sing from the show, which is helpful right off the bat. My choice, I had designed to be both tongue-in-cheek since it was about an audition, and face-melting because it showed off vocal range and some acting. The casting director immediately said:
"Oh I've been WAITING for someone to sing that piece."
I must be dreaming. "That's exactly what I was hoping!" 
"No one has sung it all day!" she added.
"Well, I will try to do it justice."
[be cool, twynmawrmom, be cool...]
As the pianist got some additional coaching from the music director on the tempo, he played the intro and I just stepped into the center of the room and started singing. They kinda laughed, like, you didn't need to do that. But I was feeling it. 

First high note. Bang.

Second high note. Bang Bang.

Now onto the patter part...was that a chuckle I heard? My breath is with me...My direction is not...just keep up the tempo...is the pianist behind me? They'll respect you if you keep consistent...

Oh. They noticed the last little bit I threw in. Nice. 

Music director gives me a hug upon finishing. Does that mean she's proud, or sorry? 

Big smiles all around from music director, casting director, director of the company, and director of the show. I hope they know, I'm cool. I'm easy. I'm quick. I can. do. this. show.

Call me. 

Granted, the male lead is already cast, and if I'm not a match age-wise/height-wise/size-wise, etc, the whole audition is moot. Lovely how that works, right? 

Callbacks are on Friday. I keep checking my phone and email. Posted "Killed it" on my fb page. Then immediately had to delete, not wanting to jinx.

How was your day, dear?

Oh, b-t-w, thankful I had this magical place 
and lovely friend's yard in which to abandon leave my children
during said audition...


  1. Oh, I feel all giddy and excited for you! Can't wait to hear the news. Everything crossed here....x

    1. Thank you!! Juuuuuust wait-ing.... ;)


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