Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What you're sleeping with

Little guy, tonight you fell asleep in your bed with: 
  • your Mickey Mouse pj's on
  • your  green tiger
  • a pink ball
  • a counting book
  • a four foot shark
  • a small Finlandia flashlight that is sure to come back to haunt me someday
  • your planet sheets
  • your Lightning McQueen blanket
  • a blue Afgan knitted by your Daddy's Nan
Little girl, tonight you feel asleep in your bed with: 
  • your "guitars and stars" pjs that should be two sizes too small for you
  • your princess sheets
  • "little blankie"
  • "big blankie"
  • a hidden water bottle you don't think we know about
  • your custom jelly beans and purple flowers pillow case
  • and all just beyond your feet but not falling off the bed: two little white seals, one huge gray seal, a unicorn dream light, a pink pig I bought won for you at Dutch Wonderland, a polar bear, a pink tiger, a pink dolphin, a brown teddy bear, little lamb, little pink doggie, big pink doggie, purple penguin, parrot puppet, and crazy bear.
Most nights you take a bath, take your vitamins, brush your teeth, and get chased into your pj's and eventually, your bed. You get a book and a snuggle, and you're off to dreamland. 

Sometimes you take Daddy along with you...

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